Most trusted PS in Seoul? And DocFinderKorea?


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Aug 13, 2020
Hi everyone,

I am from the UK and hoping to travel to South Korea in 2021 for rhinoplasty and hopefully facial contouring. I am also half Filipina, so my nose it a bit like a button.

Initially upon research, I found ID hospital but have been put off due to some bad reviews. I also had an online consultation with GNG but after more research on this website, I found more bad reviews too which is a shame as I thought I might have found the right ones.

Which PS have the best reputation, specifically for Rhinoplasty? I have read generally good things about Banobagi? What others are there?

Also, what are your opinions on DocFinderKorea? It seems super helpful to have a translator there and transport etc, but I am aware they also offer discounts with PS that have bad reviews. What do you think? :smile:

Thank you!