Pick the stunner:

  1. Emerald 2006

  2. Rouge Vif 2006

  3. Grenat 2006

  4. Sapin 2006

  5. Blueberry/ Blue Roi 2006

  6. Cornflower 2006

  7. Lilac 2006

  8. Metalics 2005

  9. Magenta 2005

  10. Bordeaux 2005

  11. Berry Red 2005

  12. Apple Green 2005

  13. Turquoise 2005

  14. Eggplant 2004

  15. Pistachio 2004

  16. Marigold 2004

  17. Rose 2004

  18. Lilac 2004

  19. True red 2004

  20. Dark turquoise 2004

  21. Seafoam 2004

  22. Mustard yellow 2003

  23. Emerald 2003

  24. Red 2003

  25. other: state

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  1. Okay, i'm making a poll - choose the most breathtaking b-bag color!
  2. it's too hard to pick just one!
    i love the rouges over the years, the 05 bordeaux, the 04 rose and lilac... but pewter does have my :heart:
  3. It's very hard to choose!:shrugs:
    I picked 03 red because it's my all time favorite Bbag colour but magenta, seafom, lilac, turquoise and eggplant are equally stunning! :heart:
  4. of course... its Turquoise 2005 :wlae:the best colour!!!! :graucho: hehehe!!!
  5. Ohhhhhhh it's a really hard decision :shrugs: . . . but finally I voted for the '04 Lilac (most of you know why!!??) !!! :roflmfao: :wlae: :yahoo: :love:
  6. Well, the apple green 05 has my heart - she was my dream bag, and my first bbag. But so many of those colours are stunning - if we'd had more than one choice I probably would've voted for almost all of them.
  7. i think the most stunning is magenta, but i must vote for eggplant because it's def. the most beautiful color ever :P
  8. I voted for the metallics. Out of all my B-bags, my 04-Pewter gets the most compliments (next is my 05-red).
  9. it's so hard to pick just one color, but i picked 05 turquoise... because for me that is the color of the moment.;) if i could vote for more than one, i would have voted magenta, apple green, bordeaux, rouge vif... along with 05 turquoise.
  10. I saw the title of this poll this morning and just had to take pics of my brightest b.bags. Here's my '04 Red First, '05 Turquoise First & Coin Purse, '05 Apple Green Mini Twiggy and '06 Rouge Vif Purse:

  11. rock, that's a great pic! thanks for sharing!
  12. WOW Rock...... FANTASTIC collection - AMAZING colors :nuts: !!! CONGRATS and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love: :heart:
  13. umm RockSteady, your picture's too distracting :lol: It's SOOOOO beautiful :tender:, I almost forgot what I picked! Looove your bbags :love:

    BTW I voted for Marigold 04 on the poll, but it's really a toss between that one, Turquoise 05, and all the Rouge colors :heart:
  14. Rock- not only are those bags of yours STUNNING- the picture is the BEST!!!! Are you a photographer?