Most spectacular piece of jewelry you've ever seen...

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  1. What's the most outrageously spectacular piece of jewelry/stone you've ever seen? What made you go, "Holy ****!" when you laid eyes on it?

    This thread was inspired by my trip to NYC today. My husband wanted to go to the Panerai store on Madison Avenue, and I Googled the area and found that there was a Harry Winston there. Naturally I had to go. This was after we stopped by DeBeers. There was a "wow!" moment when we saw a huge 6-9 carat round diamond ring in the window there.

    And then we walked into Harry Winston, where the 6-9 carat diamond was just 1 of 7 in a diamond bracelet. :drool:

    But the really SPECTACULAR piece that caught my eye was a pair of earrings. They were chandelier earrings, and each earring had some large (.5-1ct) diamonds up top, which was pretty wow on their own, but these earrings happened to feature two 20 carat, D color, internally flawless pear shaped diamonds!!! :wtf::faint: :wtf: At $9.5 million, they were a steal! :okay: One of the 20 carat diamonds was probably the size of my thumb from the top to the first knuckle.

    I was only $9.499999 million short, lol. They were definitely the most "WOW" thing I've ever seen. Way too much for real life, though. That's the kind of thing celebrities borrow for the Oscars. They're a little ridiculous-looking for much else... totally gorgeous though.
  2. You know, this isn't the kind of jewelry that makes me go 'WOW', it just looks gauche to me. The kind of jewelry that I get smitten with is where the design is unique, and everything just looks balanced and very pleasing to the eye. When I look through the engagement ring library here, it's not the biggest stones that I admire, it's the ones that just look 'right' in the setting and on the wearer's hand.
  3. Well everyone I was with agreed that it would look "gauche" to actually wear it, but I'm sure you can appreciate the rareness of 2 matched 20 carat flawless diamonds.
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    I agree!! Obviously it's not something we would ever think of wearing, but its kind of like art...its there to appreciate its beauty and for us to marvel in its wonder!!:nuts:
    My most amazing piece I have ever seen was when I was in Vegas in a jewelry store called little baubles, and there was this diamond and rubellite necklace that I tried on just for fun!! and it was a 30 carat center stone with diamond pave and diamond pave all the way up the necklace SO GORGEOUS it was 75,000 I believe but the weight and design of the necklace when you actually put a peice like that on was like whoa
    and then me and my little silver and tourquoise judith ripka necklace left the store leaving the rubellite behind:roflmfao:
  5. This spectacular watch on the wrists of a banking executive.
    Hand-made consisting of over 1000 mechanical parts, limited production of only 51 pieces in Platinum. Affordably priced at just under $700,000
  6. I wish there was a section of these store where you could stand in line just to play with the amazing pieces, but they know you're never going to buy them. Kind of like an adult Play Place. :graucho:

    yezero: Good eye! Watches like that are hard to spot. My husband was telling me how someone he knew was looking at an A. Lange & Sohne watch, dropped it on the corner of the showcase and then on the floor, entirely breaking the sapphire crystal. Luckily the store had the watch insured. :wtf: I doubt it was such an expensive model, but the guy felt horrible, nonetheless (as would I!)

    That's probably why DH keeps reminding me not to touch/break anything we can't afford. I just told him that chances were very slim that I'd break a diamond. :rolleyes:
  7. I love Art Deco pieces. I have seen some amazing bracelets and rings where the workmanship is so beautiful. There is just something about this style that makes me sigh
  8. hahaha thats half the reason I love jewelry, its my play time you get to see and try on amazing pieces! maybe dream a bit and then buy yourself a piece that gives you a little lift when you wear it...
  9. Not because of the size or anything but my cousin's wedding ring was white gold with five spikes sticking off it and at the end of each spike was a diamond. Her engagement ring was the same but smaller. It was great, crazy jewellery and it made a real impression on me because I was 13 when she got married.
  10. I was in Granada, Spain last summer and fell in love with a diamond ring. Went into the small jewellry shop to have a look. The lovely old feller behind the counter let me try it on.
    12ct total ring with a huge square canary yellow diamond in the centre, flanked by a huge - what must be 3-4 ct pear cut diamonds , one on each side. It was a honker of a ring. Very reasonable at 260,00 euros.
    I cooed and ahhhed. Then he hurried me and told me to take it off because he had customers waiting to be served. I left the shop with my face pressed to the glass and he put it back in the front window.....
  11. hahah! i remember when the Harry Winston store opened in ala moana... i just had to go in and take a peek. I felt like i was in a museum, just admiring all the sparklies! the salesfolk were nice considering i was soooo dressed down that way. I felt completely shabby next to all that bling!
  12. Years ago, I tried on this necklace in Jaipur, made for a Maharani. It's made of old-fashioned cut diamonds, and I can't remember what the pinkish stones are. You can't see my face but my boyfriend said he's never seen a wider grin on my face before.

    Another stunning piece of jewellery I tried on was Van Cleef & Arpel's Folie des Prés necklace in coloured sapphires and diamonds. Really really pretty.

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  13. There was one girl working at the Harry Winston store in NYC that was really nice and talkative. She was borrowing 4 carat (each) yellow diamond studs for the day. The man who told us the carat weight of the ridiculous earrings was nice too.

    All of the other SAs seemed pre-occupied with sitting there. And when someone else did walk in, they asked, "Did you want to see something?" instead of maybe introducing themselves and asking if they can assist them with anything. A little bit of a turn off. :shrugs:
  14. :tup: I love A. Lange & Sohne. Understated and amazingly, lovingly crafted. Waaaaaay out of my price range, but their watches are spectacular examples of true class and quality.

    I say *wow* when I see the huge bling jewelry (and would love to borrow some for an event if anyone was willing to lend), but it's not generally to my taste. I mean, I like big pieces of jewelry, but I like to wear what I have, and I wouldn't feel great owning a host of things that had to live in a safety deposit box.

    However, some of the antique Cartier *statement* pieces I have seen boggled the mind. And while it wasn't popular with all the critics, I thought this was pretty spectacular and unusual: