Most Sought-After Tokidoki Bag?

  1. For all of the tokidoki fans, what do you consider to be the most elusive, most sought-after tokidoki bag these days?

    From what I've seen and my own personal opinion it's the Foresta Zucca. I know it's the bag I crave for the most.
  2. Inferno zucca >_> cuz i want one lol. a lot of people here would like one too
  3. Maybe we should not say......... or all the evilbay lurkers will jack up their prices even more. After a post about the i pod girl on infernos. I saw a Inferno mamma with that character go up $50 the next day
  4. ^ u saw that too? it was like 150 now its 195 or something lol.

    actually i was talking to the seller and i said id most likely buy that inferno mamma mia and she raised the price... LOL no thanks
  5. yup thats the one I am talking about. They did the same to a tan playground bag after one of our threads
  6. lame lol.
  7. That's just evil. E-V-I-L evil.
  8. I think Foresta & Tan Playground bags are the most sought after bags. I'm so glad thanks to LJ&tpfers that I got both prints in my fave style :tup:
  9. hehe, I bet I know which seller that would be.:rolleyes:
  10. im not saying anything cuz of the lurkers..:graucho:
  11. lol... so funny :lol:

  12. Yes, that seller is, at the very least, a lurker. She's actually a member, but hasn't posted in quite a while. Thank god.

    I agree, I'm not going to give the e-bay sellers anything to feed off of willingly. Haha.
  13. Well even if we don't write about what we're most looking for in the post, our signatures sometimes sure tells it all eh? :p

  14. Which bags do you have in each of those prints Jess?
  15. My fave...bella lol.