most ridiculous shipping i've ever seen

  1. You can report it for excessive shipping, there are 2 other ways to ship also but they are a bit high? Is this authentic? I don't know LV?
  2. i reported the shipping and also contacted them. they claim it's the weight of the bags (bs) and appreciate my bringing it to their attention and have since dropped the prices, which are still high. but, $90 is better than the $400 it was at. the greed on ebay never ceases to amaze...

    they didn't provide the right pictures to know whether or not they are authentic.
  3. :smash: is a fake!!!I already reported to Ebay!
  4. A bad makes my real Manhattan GM sad.
  5. ^ yeah--the lining looks like cloth :wtf:
  6. It is a fake, for sure.

    The first give-aways are the cheap plastic covering over the handles and the color of the leather. If you take a closer look, everthing looks fake, the lining and etc. Most importantly, the LV lettering gets cut off on the edges of the bag. If you know LV baggs, they always have the LV lettering whole.
  7. uh... not always ....
  8. Brian,
    I read about the LV lettering from "How to spot fake LV Bags" on eBay. I checked my four LV bags, and yes, they are correct, at least in the case of my bags.

    You may have another authentic LV bag that proves me wrong. I am gullible.
  9. Listing Has Been Removed
  10. Good! What tipped my off was that there was no label inside.
  11. he,he, he:devil: Good! I can't believe that she/he was trying to sell a fake bag for a thousand dollars + 85 shipping!!!? unbelievable!
  12. huh? :confused1:
  13. i don't mind high shipping (if it's an authentic item, that is).
    there are actually a few things i've ordered with $75+ shipping...but that was overnighted, full insurance, and signature delivery.
    i've seen people charge that for a flat rate priority...unbelievable.
  14. the shipping was orignally $400 and she lowered it to $85. shipping over $40 is just plain ripping you off if you don't get the item within 3 days with tracking and insurance.

    here's another one. fake bag, wants $370 for shipping....

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM PERFORATION SPEEDY 30 (item 220042426572 end time Nov-03-06 19:23:28 PST)

    i just noticed his auction says: view my other listings, I have different, unique items, such as: Absinthe, liquor, Marijuana, collectables and much more!

    are you kidding me?