...most requested pics

  1. Here are some of the pics people ask me for the most. Thought I would put them out there for everyone to see.
    (if you click on the pic,it gets a little clearer & bigger)
    denimcabas.jpg nakedgold.jpg rock&chain.jpg redpatentLuxury.jpg white cotton club.jpg
  2. I saw these at the trunk show today(waves to DJO!)...all were very cute!
    I especially loved the expandable bag..got any pics of the beige one djo???..That was my personal fave today at Saks.
  3. ...yup. :yes:
  4. You the man DJO..LOL...This expandable bag looks WAY better IRL!!Its TDF!!!!!
  5. :wtf: hurry somebody resuscitate me!

    the red patent luxury is GORGEOUS!!!! I want one NOW!!!!!

  6. thank you for posting, those bags are so sexy
  7. DJO - do you have a picture of the blue Cotton Club tote? The only blue I've seen is on the CC bowler, and it looks very teal.

    Love the Expandable ligne!
  8. The denim cabas is freakin GINORMOUS....LOL
  9. Thanks for posting!!
  10. I am not a big denim bag person, but the denim cabas is really calling me. Nice pictures!
  11. Whoa. I LOVE the white cotton club!
  12. Thank you for the pics~~~
    It is always nice to be able to see good quality pics!!!
  13. Thanks for posting !!! Finally saw the "real" version of the naked bag, rather than those advertisement ones.

    I really like the white cotton club and denim cabas !
  14. Thank you! I can finally see a decent picture of the Rock & Chain! :yes:
  15. Thanks for posting the pics are great!