Most pretty scarf i can get right now

  1. Hermes scarfs are expensive so i want to get the most prettiest one (in your opinion) for the holiday season. But i want to it to be used any season and look good with anything.
  2. The "prettiest" is the one that you love the most and that goes with your clothes. Look at your wardrobe and imagine what colors would work with them. The Hermes website is such a great place to "shop" as it shows how the scarves look when tied. The new ones that were posted by Tods123 today are just fabulous - such wonderful colors.

    Have fun shopping!
  3. I agree, the new ones are so fab that most of them are like a new grail for me, LOL!! And I haven't even gotten my other grails yet...

    you can always run a check on eBay, there are some fab finds on there and you can always have it authenticated on here. Sometimes you will get very lucky with a rare vintage scarf at a great price!
  4. What about a pocket scarf? They are beautiful as well and because they are smaller, cost $110! Much more affordable ;)
  5. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. you should get a Hermes scarf with a theme that is close to your heart so that you will treasure it more. There are H scarves with sewing themes, cave painting, lace making, dolls, teddy bears, butterflies, trains, automobiles, Pythagorian Theory -- basically anything you can think of. What are your interests and maybe we can suggest a specific scarf?
  6. ^^ and BUGS!
  7. I used to pick a scarf for it's overall appeal. But when tied, I lost the pattern. Now I try to look for a scarf with a lot of colors in it - preferably in a small pattern.

    A scarf like Early America in black has so many colors that you can wear it with almost anything.

    I get the most compliments on scarves whose main accent color flatters my skin tones.