Most practical everyday bag.....

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Most practical would be

  1. Selma

  2. tote

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  1. Do u ladies think a multifunction tote or large Selma would be? This would be my purse for running around. Thanks
  2. It depends on how you prefer to carry your bags, but for an everyday/running around bag I prefer a tote over a satchel so that I have my hands free. I tend to carry a lot and prefer to have the weight on my shoulder rather than on the crook of arm (how I carry my satchels). For that reason, I only use a satchel when I won't be walking around much.
  3. I completely agree with this! For everyday, I prefer a tote. The Selma is a gorgeous bag, but for regular use I reach for my shoulder bags. I only have four MK total, but much more in another line. Satchels are not my workhorses.
  4. I don't do totes much. I'm plus sized so often they don't fit over my shoulder with ease.
  5. The tote for running around since you can carry it on your shoulder. I have 5 Selma's and I don't like running around or shopping with a purse in my hand or the crook of my arm.
  6. Totes and hobo's. I have a problem with straps falling of my shoulders (especially roilled leather), so a hobo is nice that way with only one strap. A tote is good for when you have more stuff to carry around that needs structure :biggrin: I do like crossbodies, but they are a more casual look.
  7. So do you ladies w Selma just use them for like dinner or work?Do u think it is not a practical bag?
  8. Selma for me! I personally prefer to carry my bags on the crook of my arm for most of the time. Totes for me are weird, like having your arms sticking it out all the time because there's this bulky leather that you have to carry around. Hope I'm making sense! lol

  9. I use mine all the time but when I know be walking around I use a cross body bag
  10. Yea it makes sense. :smile:
  11. For me as an everyday bag I like a tote.
    Today it is snowing again in NY and I am carrying my MK Jet Set PVC tote and I don't have to worry about damage from the snow and rain. It just bounces off. Also totes have more room for me to stuff my things in when I am shopping.

    I love MK Totes!

  12. I love totes but I prefer Selma's . I own about 15 😬
  13. My Selma is one of my everyday bags. I don't work and I'm a basketball mom. So I wear a lot of casual clothes.😀
  14. I've found Selma is much more practical for me. Totes tend to fall off of my shoulder, so I feel like I fight with them all day when I carry them. Selma's long shoulder strap stays put very well for me when I'm doing errands, but most of the time I hand-carry it with no trouble. It's easy to get in and out of and holds a lot without getting too heavy. It's also open enough where I don't feel like I'm digging/searching for stuff! Good luck deciding!
  15. I prefer a tote for day to day use, I like being hands free especially if I'm going to the mall or someplace like that. I like a satchel, but for going to dinner or church, someplace where I will be setting it down for the most part. That's my personal opinion though.