Most Popular Speedy?

  1. Hey!

    I'm thinking of purchasing my first LV bag, and I'm interested in a Monogram Leather Speedy. :heart:

    But help! :s I don't know what size to get. What size do you think is most popular and best for a day bag? I have quite a lot of junk normally in my bag (wallet, ipod, mobile, water, make-up, travelcard, pen, notebook etc.), but I don't want to get a bag that looks like a travel bag either. :shrugs:

    I saw this posted on The Sartorialist too; this makes me want to get a Speedy even more, but what is this size? :yes:

    Thanks for any help!
    4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. it looks like a 30 it would make the perfect first LV hope you get it...
    and it's not made from leather it's made from coated canvas only the handles and piping are leather, but don't be fooled the canvas is stronger than leather...

    (and the speedy is not fake! duh the handles are a little saggy because it's just vintage and the handles are darken because they are made from natural vachetta leather...

    and the other girl has a black box Kelly:drool:
  3. In my point of view, , that pic you posted, that bag looks kinda fake :shrugs:....the handles are too long and the shape is "interesting", but dont listen to me.......listen to "John5" and 'addictedtolv"....they are our authentication squad... ....Mono Speedy 25 or Damier Speedys are good choices
  4. The handles are way to long... Fake? Could this be Vintage???
  5. I'm no expert, but the handles are soooo long on that pic...doesn't seem real to me, either.

    In any case, I'd recommend the 30 simply because that's what I have and I love it! Granted, I have nothing to compare it against, but it's the perfect size for me!
  6. It could be a fake or very old. But that said...the size in the pic looks similar to a 30, which is a great size.
    There is also the 25, but the opening is much smaller and can be hard to get things in and out of.
    It's a great choice for a first LV!
  7. Unless that bag has special order handles, I would say that is a fake speedy 30. Just my humble opinion, but it looks like I'm not alone.
  8. good eye couture girl! when i saw that i thought "hmm. that doesnt look like a speedy, SO?"
    i didnt realize it was fake!
  9. thanks :yahoo: ....brigette, luv your pomme cles!!
  10. One more thing to add, the speedy is canvas, not leather. Only the trim and handles are leather. Good luck, and I say go for the 30 in ANY style! :yes:
  11. Gosh, you have good eyes if you know it is fake! Still, the pic was taken at NY Fashion Week, so surely fashionistas there would have the real thing??

    Anyway, thanks for the speedy (in both senses of the word ha ha) help; I think I'll lean towards a 30, as that was the one I thought of originally anyway.
  12. I have the mono 30 and it is perfect. Unless you don't carry much stuff and you are really tiny, I would get the 30. I think the 25 is too small, but that is just my opinion.
  14. It looks fake to me also - the handles are way too long.
  15. Wow... very loud... hurt my ears.... :yes::yes::yes: Just kidding :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: