most popular MJ bag styles

  1. hi ladies, i'm new to the MJ thread and forum. i'm usually over in gucci and chanel. so i recently took a liking to MJ bags and i see a few i like. can you ladies tell me which ones are the more popular styles? the more sought after ones? classics? the type of bags that usually go on sale and not on sale? the bags that are repeated every season, but with slight changes (colors etc). and anything else.

    this would help me a great deal so i can get an idea on how hard it would be for me to find a certain bag and which bag to get.

    thanks so much!

    btw: i just got my FIRST MJ - the jen in taupe. i am beyonnndddd excited :yahoo:
  2. welcome!

    stam would be a classic, a staple, and iconic to an MJ collection.. it's that one bag that is repeated every season..
  3. hi, ang! always good to see new names.

    as for popular, i'd have to say the classics (blake, venetia, mp), the stam, and the striping line bags particularly the hudson and trish are the top three. the rare, hard to find sweet punk bags are up there on the list too.

    the classics have been tweaked the past few seasons now and many of the original styles have been discontinued. the blake has more or less remained unchanged and in consistent rotation. the stam and its many gorgeous iterations are here to stay. the other two lines i've mentioned have been long discontinued. as for the bags that rarely go on sale, i would have to say most styles in the black. you're more likely to score a seasonal color for a good deal.

    anyway, i hope the jen is the first of many mj bags for you! congrats again!
  4. thanks guys! i feel so welcome already!

    so would you say the jen is something that's not as popular (the palais royal line)?

    i'm taking a liking to the cecelia too. i see one on sale, but not sure if i should jump on it.

    tadpolenyc - i love the shoulder bag in your signature! it's soooo pretty. it makes me want one.
  5. what particular styles do you like best? perhaps we can better guide you if we know what your preferences are, such as smooth or quilted, satchel vs shoulder vs tote, etc...
  6. I have seen the classic soft calft such as blake, venetia, multipocket are popular ones (like TAd's input).
    stam, striping lines are more expensive but very much sought after. I wish the striping line is reintroduced
  7. i think i like the jen, stardust stam, stardust cecelia, the long shoulder bag?, the stardust rock bag?. i'm not particular about smooth or quilted, as long as it's nice. satchel or shoulder or tote is also okay.

    i do know i'm not a fan of the blake or any of the bags with the buckles for some reason? maybe i'm not used to it? i also don't like the rio or bruna?

    i do like the funky young look of some of the MBMJ bags.

    i think Nordies has a clay cecelia on sale, but i can't seem to find it in stock online. it was in stock, but it was gone as was i checking out.
  8. :welcome2: to the Wonderful World of MJ!!:welcome:

    the cecelia would be a great choice and a lot of stores have them on sale right now (both the regular quilted and the stardust ones). What's so great about the Cecelia is that you can carry as it as a satchel or a shoulder bag - it works great either way. And this season's bags are much lighter than a lot of the older ones. The Stardust bags are made of goat leather, while the regular quilted bags are Lamb

    (and p.s. the bag you mentioned in tad's siggie is the Single - it comes in two sizes, the Large ($625) and the "regular" one ($550). The Large Single is a great size to use as an evening bag or on lighter days - because of it's price point, it's become one of the more popular "newer" bags.)
  9. Hahaa JJ, your mention of "lighter days" made me think of something else entirely.

    OP, the Large Single (and the Single, for that matter) has been enormously popular. I think tPFers have been single-handedly responsible for both the grey and the beige colors selling out so quickly. As iluvmybags mentioned, they're a great price for a beautiful, wonderful bag. It's ideal as an everyday bag if you're like me and don't carry the kitchen sink everywhere you go. :p
  10. no, i'd say the jen is the most popular style out of the palais royal bags. it's been around for a few seasons now.

    you should definitely get the single. it's a fantastic bag. i prefer the larger size, but the small one is really cute.
  11. :lol::lol: naughty BOM!!!!
  12. Stam and Cecilia
    Hudson, Lisa, Venetia......... the list can go on and on ;)