most popular metalic reissues?

  1. hi all!

    what do you think is the most popular metalic reissues in order? i noticed that many of tpfs have metalic reissues and stores are sold out. what seems to be the most popular and hardest to get?

    dark silver -- black -- light silver??
  2. Yeah that seems about right.

    I think it's between metallic dark silver and metallic black. Depends on the size too though, but I haven't researched getting a reissue for myself.
  3. I would think dark silver and black are the more popular ones...
  4. ^^ I agree!
  5. I agree.
  6. oh so the light silver not so popular and readily available?
  7. not exactly... i think there's still waitlists and such for the light silver. they just might be shorter.
  8. the dark silver is definitely the most popular.