Most popular Longchamp pliage tote size for purse?

  1. I am looking at their website and want to know what size pliage tote is the most popular size that people carry as a purse.. any ideas? TIA;)
  2. The largest one, is the one I have, just make sure you get the one, with the long shoulder straps, it really helps because you can sling it over your shoulder, no worries!x
  3. I think mine is the medium, although I can't swear to that ... It's plenty big enough to carry my stuff, but I've also seen people carrying a larger size (the large?) as a purse also. Mine has the longer straps that fit over your shoulder.
  4. Based on the price I paid (I got it at Nordstrom) and comparing it to ones online, I'm positive mine's the medium. It easily fits a full-size wallet, large sunglass case, blackberry, cell phone, and small makeup bag, with plenty of room to spare. While on vacation, I also threw in a large guide book and digital camera (minus the blackberry and with a smaller wallet). Granted, it was pretty full with the guide book, but it closed easily. I also may have thrown in a small bottle of water.
  5. Thanks. Their site is so general and doesn't say small medium or large. is the medium the 10 x 10 x 5 1/2 inches (25 x 25 x 14 cm) which is $115? That one has a long strap. The one smaller seems too small and the other one is 13 x 13 x 7 1/2 which is $132.

  6. Wow I just went to the website and checked the bag... never knew they were so affordable.... a lot of women in London carry them... I feel like getting one myself now.
  7. I'd say I see about 50/50 medium ($115) and large ($132). I have a planetes in medium and a pliage in large. I think I saw on some blog once that said the only acceptable Longchamp was the large with long straps, but the author may have been joking. The long straps are great though, and I think they look better with the proportions on the bags.
  8. According to, the medium is the 10 x 10 one - those measurements sound about right for my bag. And I think I paid about $115 for it.
  9. I have the medium with the longer straps.
  10. i do have the medium with longstraps too.
  11. I use a large as a school bag (fits my laptop and all my books). Medium would definitely be enough for a purse!