Most popular handbags??

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  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering what people consider the very most popular handbags are right now - whether they are your fav's or not.

    Also, handbags that aren't for sale anymore but what you would like to own if it was still available.
  2. I would LOVE to own a LV patchwork speedy.
  3. Coach is probably one of the most popular right now. I can't go anywhere without seeing a signature purse on every other arm! It's insane. Makes me not like Coach any more!
  4. LV Speedy would have to be one of the most popular bags.
  5. i don't know if what u mean as now is now as "trendy" or for "classic" as it's been popular for years which imo is lv speedy
  6. You are so right! And.... IMO they are not as well made as they used to be. It seems to me that the older Coach bags I have are good solid bags with amazingly beautiful leather. The new stuff just doesn't seem to compare. But it is popular.
    I still love LV and I think it will always be desirable and timeless.:heart:
  7. It depends as people have said ^^. Most popular are either classics like the LV speedys or "it" bags like...well there are a lot! Try browsing the designer forums, those are generally the most popular names and within the forums you can find the most popular bags but seeing whats most talked about and wanted. Hope that helps some!
  8. LV Speedy-see them everywhere now.
  9. Thanks for all the input! It's fun to know what's trendy right now and also useful to know the classics. And what's good quality. This is a new interest for me.
  10. Where I leave evvvveryone wears Coach monogram bags- I used to like them, but the more I see them all day long, it makes me like them less, it makes them less unique I guess. I see tons of LV Speedys, and though I love LV, it is my least favorite LV bag. Also in my area a lot of girls are into Gucci mono suddenly, and I'm starting to warm up to the brown/beige Gucci mono!
  11. LV speedy gets my vote.
  12. saw ton of speedies in where I live, but, still love it !!!!!! I dont see much coach though. Maybe coach is not that popular in asia.
  13. Hi all, I'm in Canada and what I'm seeing is Coach obviously, Gucci, Burberry, Bulgari, and Valentino who is so adorably frilly and fabulous. I'm a girly girl so Valentino are my favorites. If you love soft buttery leather, B. Makowsky's are getting lots of interest. For cocktail hour I have to say Glenda Gies, Karen Wilson and m.andonia. M.andonia is a great person, super sweet you have to love her bags. Karen is hugely popular in Canada. I didn't get all the hoopla about her bags until I got one. OMG stunning. If you have the chance I would pick one up. She has been deemed as the next Kate Spade. I own both and love them both but Karen Wilson bags win me over. You have to hold one in your hand to see the magic.
  14. I'm actually seeing lots and lots of Guccis at the moment but I think that's due to their massive sales here in Oz
  15. Here in Europe I've seen a lot of Longchamp and George, Gina & Lucy purses, along with LV Neverfulls.