Most popular Damier for a 2nd bag??? need help with this

  1. I have a Salaya MM and I love it - It made me realize that I'm a Damier girl, not a mono fan - I want to buy a second Damier but want a really great one and there are so many to choose from - I will be buying this bag in Paris so it will be special and I want to love it - I am considering an Alma with the shoulder strap so it can be worn both ways. I'm more of a shoulder bag person - any and all feedback is really welcome!!!!
  2. What about the Chelsea or the Lllova MM? Both GREAT bags:smile:

    Have fun in Paris BTW-- I am soooo jealous!! ;)
  3. That's funny- my saleya mm made me realize i love damier, too! however, i do not have any other damier items so i am of no help to you.
  4. how about the Papillon 30? it can be carried on the shoulder, and it's such a cute shape. plus it comes with the baby Papillon too :yes:

  5. Oh, I think the Alma in Damier is stunning!

    Or, since you prefer shoulder bags, how about the Ravello GM?

    ...or the Marais with a cosmetics pouch included - bonus!

    Enjoy finding your next one!
  6. Thanks guys! I'm really grateful for all your great ideas!!
  7. I'll vote for the damier papillon 30.
  8. Marais, alma, or papillon would be my choice.
  9. Papillon!!
  10. I vote for the Duomo...Lovely bag!
  11. I vote Papillon 26 or 30, it's a fun bag and quite different than the saleya.....the Alma is pretty too, but, it's a hard bag to carry and as much as I love the Alma, I think the style is too "aging" for my taste....
  12. i like the ravello myself for a shoulder bag, the lllova is cute too, but i am really liking the duomo
  13. Papillon 30 is a bag that you will find fun and roomy enough to carry your daily needs, I truly like mine, you can carry it handheld or over the a pic
  14. ^^Bags4me, that looks great on you! Love the outfit too - woo hoo!
  15. I've been thinking about getting the Marais myself! :love: Love it!
    Have a great time in Paris! and be sure to post a pic of your new bag!:yes: