Most popular collectable Kooba

  1. I'm not really up on Kooba, except I do love some of their styles! Which bags/colors would you say are the most popular/collectable new or old styles?
  2. I guess that would depend on your own taste, but some of the most popular are Sienna, Marcelle & Lucy in any color that you fancy!

    They are a bit hard to find at this point, but worth looking for.

    The newer line has a couple of cute bags, but I haven't seen them irl.
  3. I know most folks will say the Sienna.

    My favorite classic Kooba is the Jessie, hands down.
    BourbonJessie-front.JPG BourbonJessie-closeupofleather.JPG
  4. Although I haven't tried out the whole range of Koobas (I'm getting there), I would have to agree with Lindy and say the Jessie is a clear winner for me. It's such a practical bag and the four pockets are so darn useful.
  5. I say the Jessie is the most popular bag for people who love functional bags. But for a great Classic and Classy bag...I vote for the Elisha in Red. The blonde and the Black were nice but the red is stunning. This bag was loved by many people who were not even Kooba Lovers...

  6. See how different we all are? I found the Jessie way too small for my needs.
    So to me, the most popular and collectible Kooba depends on the person IMO. I love the Lucy, myself personally - it's comfortable, fits lots and is so timeless...but maybe others would find it too know?
    I love the Sienna very much - but some might not like the grommets/whipstitching. My friend the other day saw my brown one and had the sweet audacity to say "wow - that looks really medieval." MEDIEVAL? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? :wtf:
    So to each is own, I say.....:heart:
  7. MEDIEVAL??? That's not a word that would come to mind with the me anyway. Western maybe. I just don't see the Queen or any of her Court wearing a Sienna. I think they would have an LV...or Chanel...LOL
  8. Yeah, tell me about it. I was like "WTF is she talking about?" Love her so, though.....
    Her favorite out of all my numerous bags was the Lucy. She liked the side pockets. Then she put it on her arm and went "eh". So it's so interesting how one man's trash is another man's treasure. I don't think she loved ANY of my Koobas.....:confused1:
  9. Am I crazy because I kinda got what your friend said? Well, I have my own interpretation. The straps and little bronze "bolts" kinda remind me of the exposed beams in old houses; maybe even some of the torture chambers. LOL. But I would probably say Elizabethan, not medieval.

    Oh - and regarding the question. For investment purposes, I would still say the smooth Siennas and Marcelles, since it looks like they're the ones getting the most money and interest. At least on eBay.
  10. Katscorps, a Sienna reminding one of the torture chambers? You've got me laughing here. I'm sure a lot of girls would say it's not torture wearing a sought after Sienna.
  11. For me, it's the Sienna, although I really do like the Lucy, Marcelle and Renee too.
  12. For me, too, it's the Sienna. (I never knew I looked medieval or Elizabethean or tortured while carrying it!) I just like it.
  13. Wow, you're getting carried away here with this torture chamber thing..Joelle, tell your friend not to put crazy thoughts in people's heads, LOL

    Ok, if I had to choose right here and now, one Kooba and the rest would go to all the unfortunate Kooba-less girls out there, I would have to keep my Cognac Marcelle:heart:

    I waited a long time for that bag and it was absolutely love at first sight, every time I look at her, I think: "You little beauty" (I know, I've been in Australia too long..)
  14. for me...def. a smooth leather sienna in good shape! i also REALLLY love the marcelle and lucy
  15. I wore my expresso Sienna today finally and I just love her. I don't know where Medieval came into it. I guess it's those grommets with that piece of leather going across. Whateva. I love it. She showed me a Banana Republic bag today that looked like a banana and I'm like 'FUGLY' (in my mind of course)......

    But of course when I wear a Lucy or Marcelle or Renee I'm like THIS IS THE BOMB. The ultimate most collectible Kooba bag is whatever Kooba bag I'm wearing that day!