Most popular Coach bag right now?

  1. What would you guess it would be?
  2. Carly!

    I went to the mall yesterday And I saw about 5 carlys!! xD
  3. On the board and overall, I would say the Carly.

    Where I live, it's the Soho med and large flap, mostly in mini sig and sometimes leather.
  4. The medium sig carly. Yesterday while working a 4 hours shift we sold 7 or 8 of them. I lost track. Deff #1.
  5. I would say Carly. Lately it seems like I see a Carly everywhere I go!
  6. I agree... I would have to say Carly!!! :yes:
  7. Uh, the Carly.
  8. Although I don't own one, I'd agree that it's the Carly at the moment! Overall, I'd guess the signature tote since I see a lot of those.
  9. Carly....DEFINITELY!!!!!
  10. Carly is our number one seller right now. We did sell a lot of gallery totes yesterday so they would probably be a close second.
  11. Carly carly carly
  12. In the town I live in its fakes - really sad that people carry those , however when I am out of my little town I see a lot of Carly's
    The more I see them the more I want one - maybe Santa will get a hint and get me one
  13. I see Carlys more than any other bag here in NYC. Most of them are signature but I do see leather ones as well. I think that it has been one of the hottest selling bags for Coach ever.
  14. Carly:yes:
  15. Yeah, it seems like it must be Carly. I don't have