most popular canvas wallet?

  1. I'm planning to get a mono canvas wallet, I cannot decide which one since they all look very similiar to me? Any suggestions?? I'm looking for a wallet with coin/card/bill slots ;)

    I've narrowed down to 2:

    - tresor wallet
    - wallet with zip pocket

    which one's better?
  2. aww ... anyone? SOMEONE???
    just need some opinions :sad:
  3. I'm responding, Pinkie, just so you don't think that nobody out here is listening! But, I think your wallet needs are smaller than mine. I carry the big Mono Zip-Around Organizer and LOVE it! It carries bills, change, cards, coupons, and it could also carry my checkbook, but I never take my whole checkbook with me anymore (thanks debit card!) Don't know much about the two you mentioned, sorry.
  4. Wallet with Zip that the Pochette wallet? If so, it's a very popular style. It's a big wallet, though.
  5. Porte Tresor International seems extremely popular for a larger wallet. For a little wallet, a lot of folks here seem to like the Ludlow.
  6. :yes:
  7. Do you mean the zipped compact wallet? I have that and love it.
  8. thank you all :smile:

    those are good suggestions, i'm also interested in muliticolor wallets with same needs: coin/bill/card, opinions welcome! ;)
  9. yes, i'm talking about the Pochette wallet :yes:
    i love this style, but it won't fit in most of my purses