Most overrated bag?

  1. What handbag do you see a lot of that you just don't see what the fuss is all about?
  2. Please don't be mad at me because I see so many fans of it here but the LV bags... I see them everywhere. There are so many fakes out there and most non-bag-a-holics can't tell the difference. Personally it would bother me to have a bag like a LV where most people assume it's a fake anyway.

    The other one is the Coach legacy bags. I think they are cute but I have been hearing so many complaints about the quality of the hardware. They are not cheap in price either. I don't think Coach is living up to its reputation for quality with the line.
  3. I agree - absolutely!

    LV is now over-rated.

    Everyone is going to hate us now !

    I've said this before , but now you see grade school girls with denim and murakami fake lv's!!!!!!!!!
  4. Could you please give us a list of the least faked brands, so we will know what we should be using?
  5. If you really want a classic handbag...........
    Bottega Veneta.

    No logos........... high end............classic.

    See the bottega veneta thread.

    My favorite.
  6. Sorry, but I am not giving my opinion on which bags are overrated because I know I can not do so without putting down a bag that one or more TPF'ers may own, and I would personally not feel good about that.
  7. I

    to each their own ..
    Nice people rule!!!
  8. I think LV's are overrated too.
  9. That is fine, but I didn't think most would get that easily offended. Everyone has their own opinions and there is nothing wrong with that.
  10. totally agree!
  11. I am really not a fan of any of the LeSportSacs. But to each her own, of course.
  12. me either, except the tokidoki is really cute, kawaii desu.

    um. i don't think any bags are "overrated" i just don't like some, i may consider LV overrated only because it's silly how many price increases they have...i think they have the most...?
  13. :smile: i am glad i stumbled upon this as i am an opinionated girl! :smile: so i love to share my opinions
    AND OF COURSE :smile: none are meant to offend anyone at alL!!!!!

    I have very mixed feelings about Louis Vuitton and Gucci, LV more

    i do really like certain pieces by Louis V-BUT! i live in brooklyn nyc,
    china town isnt far away and there are SOOO many fakes in the city, and so many real ones and when someone is walking down the street you cannot tell what is real and what is fake
    and i hate the idea of someone looking at my bag and thinking its fake!

    I am a student, and i work with children, so i dont wear fancy suits every day i tend to be in very casual clothes, but i love to dress that up with a nice bag, but i feel like since my outfits dont reflect a wealthy person , that if i carry a Louis ppl will just think its a fake!

    i dunno thats just how i feel, i mean and same with Gucci there is just so much fake stuff, and i dont know about if you live in places like Minnesoti, or Ohio, or i dunno wherever i dont know if fakes are as common and so maybe carrying those bags there you can be sure everyone is in admiration, but here its like "oh is that a real one?" ugh like how annoying!!!

    so i do like some of the LV designs, BUT if i am going to spend $800 on a bag, i think i would rather buy a beautiful leather bag by a different designer!

    hehe ok i am done venting my opinion! :smile: thanks for listening!
  14. this will probably be a politically incorrect comment, but, i used to own 4 louis vuitton bags...i loved them...then i found out that mr vuitton was an ardent anti-semite and in good conscience i cannot use an lv a world where i teach tolerance to middle and high school kids, it feels inappropriate for me to endorse someone who was so bigoted...
  15. I'm an LV fan for sure and still use my mom's old LV bags from about 1990 so I can attest to their being classic. Anyway as for overrated..hmm..I don't really know. There are bags I just wouldn't carry myself, but I wouldn't really say anything is overrated exactly.