Most overpriced material is...

  1. Which material do u think is the least value for money? I.e. grossly overpriced.
  2. the new LVOE material!
  3. Personally denim bags are pretty pricey and i can't help but feel its just denim
  4. Anything plastic or artificial
  5. East West PM!!!!:shrugs:
    East_west PM.jpg
  6. As much as I love it and WANT it (and hopefully will be getting it)....the whole denim line is grossly overpriced. It's DENIM!
  7. East/West is woven leather I think its price is okay due to what it is
  8. East west is woven leather rite?
  9. I think generally canvases (mono,Damier,Damier Azur, Antigua) are cheap... It's just PVC coated canvas. Mabe not multicolor, cherises, groom, panda etc coz silkscreen technique may be expensive.:confused1:
  10. even though i have a neo speedy, the denim is over priced, as well as the pvc see through bags that came out!!!
  11. :yes: Yes, it's braided leather (cuir tresse:confused1: ).
  12. ITA! It's something you could sew together at home yourself. I'd never spend a lot of money on a denim bag. Then again, I don't like denim bags in general......
  13. I have no idea it's leather?? But still, I can't wait to see if any Pfer is going to get it and post pic. I can't help but think of the cheap China bags sold in the variety stores once every time I see that pic.That's probably why the word "cheap" comes to my mind!
    (No offence to those who are intending to get it okay?)
  14. Its campy, thats for sure. But it takes some skill to make it
  15. I would say the lvoe totes or the denim bags.