Most Outrageous-- $2,400- $3010 a Month to Borrow a Used Kelly

  1. ^^ITA! It's such a steep price to pay for renting a bag!
  2. I wonder how much they would charge to 'steal' it
  3. ^:roflmfao:
  4. Yeah, what if you accidentally lost it?
  5. Unbelievable!
  6. They charged a girl I know $725 to "steal" a USED Damier Speedy 30 from LV. That's $100 more than it is new! Stupid!
  7. ^what the...? :wtf:
    who are they kidding?
  8. OMG- guest pricing for a croc birkin is $6,010 a month :wtf:

    Everytime I visit their site the rates seem fairly decent until you notice the first price listed is per week, not month.
  9. What's especially ridiculous are the vintage Chanel bags, most of which could easily be bought on eBay for the price of one month's rental :rolleyes:
  10. thats crazy...
  11. I don't know why anyone would be a member of that site since every time I look there is a waitlist for all the great bags.
  12. yikes!!v:tdown:
  13. I've actually hated the whole idea of that website, and now I know why....
  14. There customers obviously have more "credit" than brains.