Most of us are into designer purses, are you also into designer shoes and clothes?

  1. I was wondering if you guys also spend your money on designer shoes and clothes.

    I buy designer purses only. My shoes are also exspensive but not like jimmy choo ore something similar. I like to spend money on durable thing for me clothes are not durable but i do like designer sunglasses
  2. It's designer handbags and accessories for me (sunglasses, scarves, etc.). Designer shoes are way too uncomfy for my 45 year old feet... which works as there's more money for bags! :yes:
  3. Nope- not me- I like comfortable shoes.. and clothes- casual for me..
  4. I buy designer shoes (LV, Gucci, Manolos, etc) , but the majority of my clothes are considered "contemporary". Seven for all mankind jeans are my weakness-I have about 20 pairs and I love Juicy sweaters-can't rock the pants though, and PRIMP! I love Primp. I do have a few designer RTW pieces, one of my favorites is a Fendi dress, I haven't worn yet and a pink Louis Vuitton skirt.
  5. I am willing to invest more on handbags. You can carry the same bag everyday (even though non of us here would do so :P ) but you can't wear the same shirt or shoes everyday. cloth and shoes are more of "seasonal" items.
    but in general, yes, I am also into designer shoes and cloth... just not as much as purses. I especially like my manolo heels because they are comfortable and sexy.:yes:
  6. No, mostly bags... It's just as you said Sabine, clothes aren't that durable to me. I get bored of them pretty fast - so it would be a waste of money to buy really expensive stuff.
  7. Handbags are my thing and I am already over budget. Today I decided after the purchase of my mono speedy 30 and my pouchette that I am going to take a one year break from purchasing handbags. This year I bought 6 great handbags which is extreme for me but, all four of the Gucci's where on sale but, still expensive. The MJ and LV's were full price so, I need to take a break pay things off and save. Viewing some of the collections I wonder how some people can afford so many fabulous bags. For some it is probably years of collecting.

    To be honest I love designer shoes and clothes but, cannot afford them. If I was fabulously wealthy I would go for it but, I am of average means. I did splurge 2 years ago and I bought Prada leather boots. In terms of clothes I like Tommy Girl and Liz Claibourne and the factory outlets always have great seasonal sales.

    While on a handbag break I will come to this site to drool over other peoples purchases. That will have to do, plus I love just looking anyhow it is so much easier on the credit card.
  8. I prefer designer everything...BUT I will pretty much only pay full price for bags. And when I say designer, I'm not wearing LV, Chanel, Chloe, and Gucci clothes all the time, but I do have a couple items like this. The clothing companies I usually go with are like Vince, Theory, Twelth Street/Cynthia Vincent, LaRok, Ya Ya, Susana Monaco, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marni, Catherine Maladrino, Citizen, Seven, Rock and Repbulic, stuff like that. I do own some special pieces by Versace and Armani. Shoes I have a lot of Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada, a few Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutin, no LV yet, cause can't get um on sale......It's more worth it to me to pay full price for bags!
  9. I've just recently started splurging on luxury handbags...but I've always had the clothes. My taste in clothing is just like Lola's and Michelle's...contemporary. If you look in my closet, you will see True Religion, Ella Moss, LaRok, Juicy Couture, etc...
  10. Yeah, I'm like this too, but most people, even Celebs, don't rock head to toe Chanel on a regular basis.......I'm a sucker for designer jeans, that's for sure! I know I have like 30 pairs between Citizen, Seven, Blue Cult, and Rock and Republic. I also love juicy for zip ups and casual cashmere sweaters! I'm like the second floor in NM, not couture, but def. designer....
  11. Oh yeah, Ella Moss! Then Splendid, James Perse, and Rachel Pally too......there are so many "contemporary" designers right now that I love! A good girlfriend of mine owns a boutique and I help her pick stuff sometimes, Sooooo much fun!!! Plus she's really good to me with getting good deals!
  12. I only buy designer bags. My feet are too large to fit into designer shoes, and at my age, I want comfortable clothes.
  13. Hahaha. Yah, the Juicy tops only. I wear the pants to bed. LOL. My husband gets mad and tells me just to buy the hoodie but, I need to buy the set.

    Jeans are evil! LOL. I have a few Rock & Republic and Frankie B's but, I LOVE Sevens! :heart:
  14. for me it's mostly bags, all LV and one juicy clutch, but if you consider them "designer" (yet, contemporary) i have sevens, LOTS of abercrombie, and some banana republic...
  15. yess! i like to match lv bag with lv bag chanel shoes...and so forth. and i LOVE chanel and lv clothes. my hsuband isn't happy about it! but i am!!! heeehehhhheeeee