Most of my collection!!

  1. Thought I would finally post some pics of my collection. For some reason, my Graffiti Pochette and my Trocadero did not get into the pics(shy I guess!):graucho:The are, in no particular order Monceau, Concorde, Speey Mallatier, Speedy 25, Cersies Speedy, Yellow Epi Speedy 30, Epi wallet, Epi Pochette, Vernis Spring St., Damier Ipanema, Damier Pochette, Damier Snap Wallet, Damier Triana, Damier Sauvage Gazelle, Popincourt, Cerises Pochette, Tresor Wallet, Checkbook cover, Mono Alma, Mussette Tango, Damier Planner, Graffiti Alma PM Peach:pWhew!! Great...I type them all in and now I can't get my pic to upload! Someone please help a coputer semi-literate!!
  2. If you go into the main purse forum section there will be a link for uploading pictures info. It might just be that your pictures are to big?
  3. Go to and upload them there, then here.

    Looking forward to seeing your pics especially the graffiti.
  4. Me want pics. Upload to photobucket and copy and paste the img code into your reply.
  5. Can't wait to see them
  6. looking forward to the pics ...
  7. Not seeing pic's /
  8. Good Lord...I feel mentally challenged or something. I CANNOT get these pics to load anywhere. I at least got on shot to load as my avatar, but this is ridiculous!! AAARRRGG!!! I will keep trying, meanwhile, get out the microscopes and check out the teeny tiny bags in my avatar!!! Sorry guys!!
  9. Aww... It's ok. I know it's confusing.
  10. I think I can see the Graffiti, LOL!
  11. If you want, you can e-mail me the pics and I'll upload them for you on Imageshack? ;)
  12. I am a goofball too and I can't get my pics to upload. My files are always too big and I don't know how to resize them... I would love to share too!
  13. Im going to the book store now.. hee..
  14. Yes...I would love to email my pics to address please!!