Most Odd LV related thing I have ever seen in my life!

  1. I actually saw this months ago and was outraged that I didnt have my cell phone or my camera with me at the time to take a picture.
    I was at a not-so-great mall in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and we were walking back to our car and I saw a white SUV of some sort with a square cut-out of fake White MC canvas matted on the back (right next to the license plate) with plastic covering....
    with custom silver letters next to the car logo saying "LV edition" The cut out of the fake canvas was all tattered and not even a perfect square. how does this happen?
    holy moly! my biggest regret in a long time not getting a photo of that! :crybaby:

    Oddest thing you have seen?
  2. LOL!!! I would've loved to have seen that!
  3. wow. i can't express my thoughts in words. i wish you had your camera as well!
  4. so werid, would love to see a pic of that.
  5. Lol i would love to have seen it.
  6. Lol!
  7. Ewww..... tacky much?? LOL
  8. Lol
  9. I saw a late model Nissan Z with the front quarter panel painted with a LV pattern. I also didn't have a camera but wish I could have gotten a pic. Awful. And the sad part was it was a nice car.

    I also saw a POS with "gucci" cloth on over some awful fin on the back trunk and part of the roof. The car's bass was so loud I was vibrating two cars back.
  10. aww i wish there was a pic.