Most Mother's Carry Diaper Bags, But Then Again ....

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  2. She looks like absolute crap. Those poor boys...
  3. She is such a mess!
  4. Wow....just when I thought she couldn't look any worse. I find it so nasty looking to be wearing pants that are WAY too long and walking all over them.
  5. Poor little boy, he is missing a shoe, what is wrong with her? What a mess
  6. That baby is soooooo cute! I think she looks like a normal person who just ran out to grab a little lunch. Although, the length of those Juicy pants would drive me bat-crap if I were wearing them!
  7. Media should just leave Brit alone. Completely alone. No attention anymore. We're all kind of tired of seeing her like this. I mean, would you want your photo taken by strangers while you were out getting some fast food? Especially on the days you forget to put some makeup on or have a bad hair day? What about laundry day? Lol!
  8. LOL sorry but I never look that bad..ever! and I can look pretty sh*tty somedays. The length of those pants drives me crazy!!
  9. can she not even afford to have her pants hemmed to an appropriate length? she's lucky she doesn't fall on her face
  10. What's with the ring on her finger?
  11. could her pants get any longer? she looks like a fool :wtf: , but what else is new?
  12. She looks terrible. She doesn't deserve all the attention she get from people. She looks like sh*t and she should concentrate on her life, her sons, her look and her career and not on partying and meeting new unemployed guys she will then have to provide for.
  13. Her son look embarassed.
  14. I get what you mean. I wouldn't want for people to take pics of me during my off days (or even my good days), but then again I'm not Britney Spears. She knows people will follow her around. She just wears what she wants to wear and that's really up to her.
  15. Is that Sean Preston? He doesn't seem to grow...
    And in that first pic, is she purposely showing her pubes? Yuck!