Most Moisturizing Lip Balm WITH COLOR?

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  1. I've been wearing a few different kinds of lipsticks and super-stay lip glosses lately, but my lips are so dry that they hurt and are starting to peel.

    I was thinking maybe I'd try wearing a lip balm that has some color, this way I can keep them smooth and moisturized but still get a color payoff.

    Any suggestions on a good brand?

  2. I know it's not very sexy, but during the winter I use Medicated Chapstick (light blue tube). If you want to use something that doesn't smell like ben-gay during the day you can... I like to put a thick coat on before bed- I wake up with super soft lips! :okay:
  3. Oh for the color part, I just put my regular lipstick/gloss over the medicated chapstick. I tried one of those Softlips, but I think it wsan't strong enough, I had to reapply it a lot.
  4. Korres lip butters are nice, I love the pomegranate (coral) and the jasmine (baby pink) the best! Very soft, moisturizing, and good color pay off.
  5. ^ITA! I have the one in Plum and get a decent amount of color.
  6. I use the Fresh Sugar lip treatment - comes in a rose and a plum tint.
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  8. I have some from Sephora that is named by the days of the week that is okay, and I've tried Burt's Bees with color and they are okay... but my problem is it is hard to apply and it ends up all around my lips.

    I've started using Nivea Kiss of Moisture or Kiss of Smoothness (I've experimented with probably 5+ chap sticks until I found these) and then I put a little colored gloss on top and it is the perfect combo.
  9. Korres lip butter is great, and so are the lip butter glazes!
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    Laura Mercier does a range of colours in a lip balm SPF15 stick. I've got Rose which I love and have been using it instead of lipstick. The colours great and stays on surprisingly well.

    Eta : It's called HydraTint (different from the clear lip balm that they also do)