Most luxurious Towels????

  1. We're spending a bundle remodeling a bathroom and I'm looking for the ultimate plushy absorbent most luxurious towels available. There will be a heated towel warmer, so quick drying is not an issue.

    Who's been on this quest before? What did you find? Where did you find it?

  2. Thanks! It's my husband who's incredibly picky. He found his perfect towel at a hotel in Fiji 20 years ago and has been dissatisfied ever since.
  3. ever tried Christy towels?
  4. Hermes has some pretty nice towels :smile: For some reason they didnt feel as good as the ones we got from NM though. I can't recall the brand :cry:
  5. I saw Louis Vuitton towels today at the store. Crazy isn't it?
  6. I was also going to recommend Horchow. We have a few pieces from them (bedding and towels) and they're all very nice and good quality!
  7. For me - Christy towels hands down.
  8. I use Frette.
  9. I 2nd the Horchow thing, it is amazing!
  10. LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    that just cracks me up!!!

    some of us try to find true love, i gues he's already completed that one so his quest is for the perfect towel....:roflmfao:

    Dream to have a heated bath towel rack some day with a huge bath room, tub that i can just sit in and soak and lots of counter space for me =)
  11. like other said christy towels are sooooo nice. i once stayed in a hotel that had linen sheets instead of towels and they were nice. not as soft as normal towels. and you need to buy egyptian cotton.