Most important meal of the day!

  1. We all know we're supposed to eat a healthy breakfast but sometimes I just don't have time to do it. I have to say tPF has helped me with that because my new favorite thing to do in the morning is to peruse tPF and eat my breakfast!

    Today it is 7 grain oatmeal, blueberries and almonds.

    Anyone else care to share their breakfasts?
  2. 4 egg whites w/ skim mozzerella on top w/ plain oats... The cheese does the trick and doesn't make it taste so bland. I usually have it on a sesame bagel.. but I ran out :sad:
  3. When I had to get up early for high school I never had enough of an appetite to eat breakfast. (ok, I'm reavealing how pathetic I am -- ever since I started college, then grad school, and now teaching, I've never had a routine of getting up before 8:30 or 9...or later, while in high school, it was some ungodly hour like 6:45). Frankly, I believe that having to haul out of bed while it's still dark is just such an appalling experience that it makes one naseaous, LOL.

    Now I like bananas and yogurt, or cereal and fruit. I sometimes eat some cheese slices on the side for protien. Luna bars are not bad if you're in a hurry. For a "special" breakfast, I actually like eggos whole grain waffles w/ morningstar farms veggie saussages.

    When eating out it's omelettes or bagels and lox all the way:smile:
  4. Yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and granola. Cappuccino with skim milk. 1 hour of kickboxing to start off my morning.
  5. I am a very bad example. I've been this way my whole life...I never eat breakfast. I am never hungry at all in the morning. in fact...I dont eat all day. I start to get hungry around 3 in the afternoon and then I eat until I go to bed. I have to have something to eat before I go to bed every night. Am I weird or what???
  6. I force myself to eat a big breakfast....usually oatmeal, yogurt, egg whites, a Zone bar and a very large water!
  7. i usually eat some low-fat strawberry yogurt and maybe an apple. and always a huge bottle of water!
  8. Almost like me! :biggrin: I don't eat breakfast unless if I am travelling. Sometimes, I wake up late around midday, I don't feel hungry until 7pm. But I always eat two proper meals per day (lunch and dinner or dinner twice!!)
  9. Oatmeal or bagel with cc or a turkey and cheese sandwich (English Muffin)
  10. cereal bar, banana and a glass of juice
  12. I ALWAYS eat breakfast! I take that whole "most important meal of the day" thing seriously. I like to have steel cut oatmeal and walnuts. Since it takes 30 minutes to make I make a batch ahead of time and scoop some out when I want it. I guess I have a thing for gruel.
  13. also, sometimes I have eggbeaters w/ ff cheese in a flax wrap. It doesn't suck.
  15. I like to have 3 egg whites and then a bowl of Oatmeal. Or I love Oatmeal-Rasin Ceral.