Most Haunted

  1. Anyone else watching this?
  2. I used to, but can't stand it now. Saw a program showing how they fake things... they got busted so many times faking so much it was sick. I mean, I always knew things were iffy.... they are there to "catch ghosts" etc on film and they run from things??? WTF... why do that if you want to catch something on film. Then the constant oooooing and ahhhhing over "orbs" which are dust particles got on my last nerve and then I finally just said forget it when I saw that website busting them as con artists. Richard has been the subject of many cons in regards to ghosts etc over the years and Ivette is just a moron, that is MY opinion on that adjective.

    Personally, if you want something with more integrity try out Ghost Hunters with the TAPS crew on the SciFi channel on Wed nights.... you can catch old reruns etc during the week and weekend.
  3. Sorry if it's a stupid question, but what is it?
  4. They are basically "ghost hunting shows. The Most Haunted is in the UK and tends to be very over-dramatic and fake. They lose their minds over what they call an "orb" which is usually dust that the camera catches. Ghost Hunters is a group called TAPS, they have a website and they go on the premise of actually disproving what ppl say are hauntings. So, when they go out to a call, they are going out there to try and find the sources of what could be causing the "haunting" and disproving it... then, if they cannot find the reason for say knocking and/or walking sounds... they try and catch it either on tape or audio.
  5. I love watching shows like that! I suspect a lot of those are fakes though :tdown:
  6. Some are Rain, well most.... look into Ghost Hunters though... they have earned respect from most in this field for the fact they go into disprove things and even they will say that 85% of what ppl say are "hauntings" can and are disproved by other stuff. Comes on TV on the SciFi channel, and they have tons of repeats. Also, check out their website... it's pretty cool. Now, in saying they disprove things... they have caught a few very cool images on rare occassions.
  7. i was watching this a few weeks back.. i just find it too of a coincidence that when they ask the "ghost" to tap/knock to answer questions, that the "ghost" replies so quickly. Plus, i think they scare themselves anyway when they see shadows etc... It's just the power of suggestion IMO

  8. Oh, I know most of it's fake, but I find it hilarious! :lol:

    I always did, but especially so, after French and Saunders (a sketch show with Jennifer Saunders of Ab. Fab. fame, for those of you who don't know French and Saunders) did those sketches on it a few years ago - genius. :okay:

    Now every time I watch it, I think of those sketches and laugh even more; I think my partner thinks I'm crazy! :upsidedown:

    Last night was the beginning of the five night Halloween Live and Yvette was whistling to a female child ghost and a fully grown man was whistling back! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I miss Derek Acorah, though, no one pushes over a wardrobe and then plays innocent quite like him! :lol:

    Thanks for the Ghost Hunters tip, BTW. :flowers:
  9. Oh well I LOVE Most Haunted Live! I don't watch the normal Most Haunted shows but the Live ones I do and last night was wondering.

    Its entertaining, Its great when you hear something you can't explain because you can see everybody on the camera and nobody moved! I don't trust the recorded programs because anything can be done with camera trickery etc but the Live shows are great.

    I don't care if I'm their only Purse Forum Fan!

  10. this is exactly how i feel about it as well.. although i never knew they actually got caught faking stuff. i used the watch the show religiously and i also watch ghost hunters (AWESOME) and you can't even compare the two. i was getting far too annoyed with Most Haunted when they would get so hyped up about 'orbs' when ghost hunters won't even look at orbs and dismiss them completely.

    Ghost Hunters!! :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:

    can't wait for Ghost hunters halloween night live. i'm recording it!

    I wanted to watch the Most Haunted Gettysburg one but forgot to record it. my parents live about 20 min from Gettsyburg so i thought it would have been fun to watch, even if i don't really enjoy that show anymore.
  11. Yvette is crazy. Seriously. I swear she should be an actress in low budget films, b/c none of her reactions are legitimate. This show is funny, I too never understood why they run when they are searching for activity.
  12. Oh well - it appears I AM their only fan, but heh - I'll be watching every night until Halloween!
  13. ^ They play it on the Travel Channel in the US. I watch it sometimes, b/c I like shows like that, but I just don't find the show credible. However, I've never seen a live one. I'm sure you are not the only fan though!
  14. I've watched a few of them this week, yvette drove me nuts one night did you hear that, did you hear yvette didn't hear a thing because you won't bloody shut up!