Most handsome brunette male star?

  1. I recently had an appointment with an elderly woman and her adult twin sons.

    These guys were extremely handsome! And there were two of them! :yahoo:

    Major eye candy. Around 35 years old.

    I want to tell a friend about how gorgeous they are by giving an example of a TV or movie star who
    *is a white guy with black or dark brown hair
    *no "boy" look about him, like Tom Cruise
    *age 35 or older (we can refer to older stars by saying "Mr. ~ when he was 35")

    A few names I am considering:
    Paul Gross
    Canadian actor and film producer
    TV show "Due South" Movie "20,000 Leagues under the sea"

    Chris Noth
    Law & Order, Sex in the City

    Adrian Paul
    Highlander TV series

    Colin Firth
    Pride and Prejudice movie - not the most recent one

    Ladies - help me out. I need more examples.

    Thinking about handsome men is fun. Let's hear your fav's! :tender:
  2. is Ryan Reybolds considered brunette lol?
  3. Thanks!
    Ryan Reynolds is a good suggestion!

    with Wesley Snipes.

    The twins I met were even better looking than Ryan!
  4. oooh how about John Cusack. Is he considered brunette or darker.

    While on my theme of top totty around 35 ish, how about Christian Slater, and the devine Mr Depp? would they be ok!!
  5. John Cusack is cute but way off from the type of handsome of the gorgeous twins I met. John's face is too delicate.

    Christian Slater is pretty close. Make his eyes larger and dark brown. Make his mouth softer and a bit fuller. The result would be darn close to the twins.
  6. Josh Hartnett is sexxxxxy.

    Don't think he's 35 though...
  7. What about a young John Travolta like from Urban Cowboy or Robert Downey Jr. a few years ago like when he was on Ally McBeal?
  8. Nick Lachey :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  9. I will vote Collin Firth hands down!!! What a hottie! Pierce Brosnan a close second.
  10. :heart: :kiss: :love: Sylvester Stalone & John Travolta:heart: :kiss: :love:

    I love Rocky and Urban Cowboy
  11. Dermot Mulroney, Rupert Everett, Dylan McDermott, George Clooney
  12. orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom orlando bloom
  13. Chris Noth, Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling
  14. jake gyllenhaal. :heart:
  15. Eric Bana? or Hugh Jackman???