Most.Funnest.Earrings.Ever with Elephants! and Photo!

  1. Here is my latest bling acquisition. 100% Authentic Gold and Silvertone, the photo does not do them justice:


    It's true that they cost a whopping $4.99 but sometimes you have to pony up the cash to get the best.

    You can't really tell that they have elephants unless you get closer to me than anyone but Mr Puff and the ENT specialist is allowed to get.

    And because they contain both silver and goldtone, if I think I may be changing bags during the day, but won't have time to change bling, I don't have to worry about earrings matching hardware!

  2. LOL! :lol:

    You're too funny!
  3. Love your sense of humour, ShimmaPuff :smile:
  4. They remind me of Gianni Versace! Something he would have designed. I think they are fun! Trunk up on the elephants is supposed to be good luck.

    And by the way you are not the only poor person, I am too!
  5. Thank you all!

    LOL bagbug, they could be Inspired by him, or somebody else, or a combination of somebodies, I have no idea, I just saw them and knew they were meant for me! I can always use some good luck, and elephants are also supposed to bring money in some parts of WorldBeliefLandia, so I have little EarGaneshes, I am ready! :biggrin: