Most Functional Bag..Vote

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  1. I will be purchasing in a couple of weeks.
    I need a functional everyday bag
  2. Artsy!! The pockets are amazing!!
  3. My most functional bags are my Speedy 35 and Damier NF. Both hold all that I carry on a daily basis, and more!
  4. Nf
  5. seems like whenever i buy a new bag and wear it for awhile i always go back to the neverfull until i get a new one. i guess that means its my most functional!!
  6. Totally MM! I use it for school and work. I would love a stresa PM as well hehe
  7. Haha we're exactly alike! what size nf do you have?
  8. I love my BH
  9. I carry my Saleya MM daily, and I love it. It holds literally everything that I could possibly want/need, and the larger size isn't overpowering. ;)
  10. mahina L. I just love mine!
  11. The most functional bag is Palermo PM. I can carry my essentials and haul my kids too and can fit a portable DVD player! It is also a hands free bag, perfect for all the mothers.
  12. Damier NF MM- my favorite bag
  13. Its not on your wishlist, but I vote Trevi!
  14. My most functional bag is my BH, with my Damier Speedy as a close second. My favorite is my Trevi PM.
  15. Damier NF MM is chic:tup:
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