Most fun job perks?

  1. A friend of a friend recently started working for Philosophy, the skin care/cosmetics company. Once a month, they give each employee a huge box of "factory seconds" - bottles with smudged print, imperfect labels, whatever. Apparently she gets so much stuff there is no possible way one, two, or even three people could go through it all, and she has started giving it away. How fun is that!

    My SO works for a major guitar company and they have a big clean-out a couple times a year where imperfect or old guitars are given away to employees. I've lost count of how many guitars he's gotten.

    What perks have you or your friends enjoyed from jobs???
  2. I used to work for a perfumes store and employees were able to buy full testers for $5!
  3. I used to work for a well-known clothing company and every season, whenever we'd do floor sets, they'd allow us to choose an entire outfit of a mannequin for 70% off. I got entire outfits for about $15-$20, which included a top, bottom, shoes, and an accessory.
  4. worked for a plastic surgery office and got free latisse, also had the option of Botox, juvéderm, things of that nature if I wanted but I'm in my twenties, so back then, definitely not. we also got free lunches from time to time

    worked for a candy shop, lasted three days before I left, nice perk was free candy to sample while packaging, free fudge and popcorn. I couldn't handle the hours though, it opened well until midnight and the manager understood having taken a cab or two or dozen herself because she couldn't make it to the underground train on time

    I also taught at an after school program, fabulous! quarterly bonuses in hundreds 200-500$ and, dinner to kind of socialise I guess? I've never had a non-sales, part time job, give bonuses.

    when I worked at coach we got to get the leftover props, holiday shopper bags not used, etc.. I still have a gigantic pic of one of my fave models when she did a photoshoot one season
  5. Well I've worked for a medical doctor and a chiropractor, and both came with free care.

    Currently, the most I get is free lunches and event tickets.
  6. OMG I would love free guitars as a job perk! I sorely miss my guitar that is living at my parents house right now. It's apparently covered under their home insurance policy if it needed to be replaced, but isn't covered under my renters insurance policy unless I have it appraised and pay extra to insure it. It wasn't cheap and either way I can't afford to replace it or pay extra insurance for it so it lives with my parents where it's safe or can be replaced (though I would be really sad if it came to that because it's vintage).

    I don't get any job perks unfortunately...Okay well I guess my new job will mean I get to half see certain concerts that happen at that venue...Though it will more than likely be a glimpse and a few songs before I go back to the office cave to do my job.
  7. Get to work from home. When traveling for work get first class cabin and car service, not taxi.
    They pay for my home Internet service and iPhone even though those are used for personal.
    We get Tele Doc as part of our benefits, it's 24/7 online or phone appointments with MD for routine things like sinus infection, things you would go sit in a doctors office for, but you don't have to leave the house or workplace. Cost is $25. Gym membership is paid for.
  8. Hi Irishgal, I was trying to pm you. But can you let me know if anybody can apply? Thanks
  9. Hey, free concerts are good! My SO gets lots of backstage passes also as he often works with the artists. I've met some cool people and have seen some amazing shows from side stage.
  10. I want to be friends with someone who works for Philosophy! :lol:

    Through my husband's job we get lots of free events and business dinners to expensive restaurants that we wouldn't normally go to. Also we've gotten several weekend stays in nice hotels, Four Seasons Dallas, etc.
  11. I get unlimited free Disney World tickets, 60% off Disney resorts, 35% off at Disney Store. It's great except I don't live in Florida or California lol...and I don't have kids (yet)...but maybe once I do, I'm sure these perks will be of more use to me. I also get to go to new show screenings, the upfronts, and other cool network events every once in a while.
  12. Hi,
    Anyone with the proper skill set can apply at the company but my job is very senior level which is why I get the perks I listed. ;)
  13. My first job at a movie theater meant free movies all the time - and enough free tickets I was always able to bring friends. Free popcorn/pop too.

    My last job was at a very well-known video game retailer. Being a manager we got a TON of free stuff from vendors. I have a huge stack of games that are still sealed that I started hoarding when I knew I wanted to leave the company, so I'd have something to play when I left. They also sent all of the store managers to a week-long conference in Vegas or San Antonio each year. Plus all employees got to check out games so there was a great try-before-you-buy and let us have more opinions on games. When I first started, it was a dream job for a gamer.

    Currently at a vet office, I get to pet dogs and cats all day! I also get free or very discounted care for my pets. And as someone who was formerly salaried and working 55-65 hour weeks, being a non-exempt manager who gets paid overtime is a HUGE job perk :smile:
  14. There was a time when I worked for a plastic surgeon in NYC; used to get town car rides to and from work (I lived in an outer borough at the time), along with various cosmetic treatments, peels, offer for injectables at cost, etc.

    Working at Sephora some 10 years ago was fun as well -- lots of free products, I'm actually still using some of the shadows/blushes all these years later.

    Running my own company now the biggest perk is flexibility. I take what I can get... lol!
  15. Best place was my former clients:

    1) $750 case of wine each year - choice of 12, 24 or 36 bottles (same total cost, just the cost per bottle went down if you had more)

    2) Free entry to many art exhibition pre-views, artist talks, champagne receptions etc

    3) Not a take home perk but all the offices are full of the companies art collection and its rotated every 3 months

    4) Fine wine cellar that could be used in meetings - staff only allowed to drink after hours though

    5) Lots of general spare tickets etc to the things typical for HNW clients (horse racing, F1 races, sporting events etc). Sometimes with travel and hospitality included.

    The rest was fairly standard stuff for a manager grade in a national company (healthcare, pension, car allowance, gym membership, life insurance etc)