Most flattering print for Zucca?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Zucca as one of my next bags... but what print do you all think is the most flattering for that shape? (Including upcoming prints of course! :p )
  2. I think the pirata looks good on a zucca. I wish I had picked a zucca instead of a gioco.
  3. I'd get it in Foresta, Paradiso, or Amore... or all three :nuts:
  4. I forgot about paradiso I seen one on eBay and it looks good on that bag style too! I agree amore will probably be a good choice also.
  5. I have a zucca in inferno, adios star, paradiso and hopefully soon I will receive my amore zucca. I honestly love all of them. But until I get my amore, I think my inferno zucca is my favorite and probably the bag that I've received the most compliments on.
  6. paradiso n foresta are GORGEOUS on the zucca..the citta rosa i think is good too if you get good print placement..n amore!
  7. I'm getting mine in Amore.
  8. I think the Zucca actually looks good with almost all the prints except Citta and Citta Rosa. You need perfect print placement with them so it's a little harder.
  9. I have both the pirata and adios in zuccas and they're both FAB!! I think the pirata looks amazing on the zucca. I'm partial to the zucca though so I pretty much think all prints look good on it! :graucho:
  10. I couldn't help myself, I just ordered a zucca in pirata (even though I have my pirata stellina!) I figure if I don't like it I can return it... right? Yeah right I'll just probably not bear to part with both. How do you guys feel about having different style bags with the same print?

    I love the amore zucca but I'm thinking about either getting it in a bella or another stellina (I like how it breaks up the small print)
  11. I think it's ok to have different bag styles in the same print. For instance I have a scuola in citta rosa but I only use it when I go to college. Otherwise most people never see my designer purse, so I would be happy to get it in zucca so that way, I can carry it and almost everybody can see it.
  12. I like having more styles of the same print, for instance I have two original print bags, cause I love the print!! (bella bella and dolce)

    I think I like adios star in zucca the best, I dont know why, but I like how it looks with the style. Then again I havent seen any of the other prints in real life in a zucca!!
  13. I like pretty much all the prints on the zucca: you get a funky print on a classy's the perfect mix