Most Fabulous Limited Editions and Rare finds- Pics Please!

  1. Is my emerald Bays special enough for this list? I do not think there are a lot of those around?
    1250836751NP8210042.JPG klein.JPG
  2. ^^^ most certainly!!
  3. I love your tooled bays teddiescorner! And the lavendar one is gorgeous too... Just makes me want one all the more!
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics ladies. I don't own any limited edition/rare Mulberries yet. So it's wonderful to see other people's great collection.
  5. Oooh I love the emerald bays!! :drool:
  6. My Orton Toggle purse/clutch
    DSC02729.JPG DSC02730.JPG DSC02731.JPG
  7. I hope this one is OK to add - green mini Bayswater in pebbled/tumble grain leather - purchased from SM in June this year.

    It is a stunning emerald colour, like bagcrazy123's, and very sweet! :biggrin:
  8. MiniMabel - Wow, what a cool bag! Never seen a mini before! When were they in production?
  9. Hi Carolinas - thank you for your kind comment! It is 6 inches wide by 8 inches total height inc handles, and is cute! The Mulberry tag states AW 08 so this would be Autumn/Winter 08. I don't know which colours it was made in, but if anyone else has one it would be great to see!
  10. I hve a baby bays too! I love it, it's so cute. Mine is choco:
  11. ^I have an oak mini bayswater key pouch, but mine doesn't have the button strap thingy that's holding the handles together - should it have? I got mine last year, I guess sometime in January 2008. Perhaps it's only present on the newer ones?
  12. Graciella - is yours the smaller one, more coin purse size? Mine is a similar size to my pocket book and has messenger strap.

  13. OMG those baby bays are just so adorable
  14. My very first ever Mulberry! Gold satchel with a removable gold chain and salmon pink silk striped lining.

  15. Oh I guess mine is different then - I'll see if I can find one similar to yours when I'm in London next weekend :biggrin: