Most extreme effort to find the paddy that is right for me and what do you think?

  1. Okay ya'll... this is the most extreme thing I have ever done to try and find a paddy that is going to be perfect for me. You are all going to laugh, but I have just recently bought two paddy's, from the same year, same color, but I think one is s/s and one is f/w! Does that just not beat all? I had a paddy from 2005 (khaki) and the leather was to die for - really. Then I had a 2006 whiskey and muscade, but neither color had me craving to use the bag daily and I want to love on this bag when I finally settle on the one that is right for me. I have watched so many photos trying to "guesstimate" what might be the perfect color for me and being such a "brown loving" girl, I thought I should try the tan. Okay - here is the go-ahead-and-commit-me-part. So - I am able to track down a wonderful paddy - looks like exactly what I want, then the exact same day I make a decision on this one - up comes this pristine one on eBay! And, also from 2005! I am going crazy thinking that I will always wonder if I let this one go and that if I could just compare them side by side I could maybe make a decision that is right for me instead of trying to peer into photographs! To the point: Two paddy's coming, one arrived today. This is photos from the one today! What do you think of her?
    tan paddy from CA 003 (Small).jpg tan paddy from CA 005 (Small).jpg tan paddy from CA 006 (Small).jpg tan paddy from CA 009 (Small).jpg
  2. Totally understandable my dear! I would do the same thing if my credit card would allow me! I love your new bag!
  3. Lovely!! Really pristine for an 05 bag- nice find!!
  4. Thanks guys - and I totally felt like this was a "great score" when I saw this one and had to act on it. My head is spinning though - maybe I need to take it off for awhile and let it unwind in the corner somewhere! :wacko:
  5. Gorgeous! Love the 05 tan! :drool:
  6. Nah. What you need is a shopping trip - to take your mind off all this confusion. Clear your head that will... :graucho:
  7. ;)
  8. I'm just as pedantic as you!!!

    I'm determined to find THE perfect bag for me and am going to some pretty crazy lengths to do it...I keep buying bags and selling them almost immediately because there is maybe one thing about it that makes it not perfect for me....I'm so fickle lol.

    I say go for it, after all you want to be happy when you settle on your paddy:yes:.

  9. I totally understand...I went thru a whole lot of Bal to find out that what Bal is concerned I really am a Day girl I also tried bright colors just to realize that I adore looking at these bags but rarely ever use them. My choco paddy is just the best and even if it has a few "flaws" (just hate that hardware chipping) I love it!
    I am shure you'll find your perfect paddy!:yes:
  10. Let us know when t'other Tan arrives. Maybe post comparison pics and get opinions as to which one everyone likes best?

    Course, it'll be down to you to have to choose between them. And then you'll be in the position of lv_obsessed (and prob a few others I'm sure!) of having to offload one of them :shrugs:

    Does anyone else find the colour very difficult to photograph, to capture the true hue? I don't think it is confined to the Tan though. So many other Paddies look very different under different lighting conditions.

    Keep us posted. We'll try to help you with your dillema :yes:

    p.s. And no, I don't think it is daft or crazy being this pedantic. These bags are a lot of money and they have to feel just right. You have to fall in love with your chosen bag. ;)
  11. no, I think what you have done is very savvy, if you got a great deal, you know you can pass one one fairly easily, and this way you get what will hopefully be the perfect bag.
    The great thing about the paddys all being so different is that one of these two will jump out at you more than the other, and you will know then that you really cannot improve on it!

    congrats on the first one being delivered.

    The lengths us girls will go to for a great bag huh ;)
  12. It will be worth the trouble of looking and being so meticulous when you find the perfect paddy. Personally I think the one you've photographed looks great but only you can say if it's right for you!:heart:
  13. wow - thanks guys! I really thought that I was being way over the top and neurotic. Well - yes, I guess it is neurotic but at least I know I am not alone here now! It's not like I can afford tons of bags - there will most certainly be a decision, but for once maybe I can feel a little "closure" at the end of this decision instead of being on this continual search. It's out there I just know it...........:shrugs:
  14. I totally think you did the right thing! Looking at them side by side will definitely give you some peace of mind as to which is the "keeper" . . . good luck choosing your fave!
  15. I think you what you have done is very wise and I have done something similar with b-bags in the past :yes:

    I am loving the first Tan Paddy - it looks beautiful! I wonder if the second one can possibly be any better! :nuts:

    Can't wait to see!