Most expensive piece you have purchased for yourself

  1. Pleaaaase post pics! What does this Hermes bracelet look like?
  2. What does this bracelet look like?
  3. So far my Rolex with diamond markers but I plan on purchasing something more expensive later this year...
  4. A ruby, diamond, 14kt yellow gold necklace and mathcing earrings, for my birthday.
  5. My Rolex with diamond dial and bezel. I could have bought a used car! :sweatdrop: :lol:
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  6. My VCA turquoise 20 motif......vintage Alhambra set in yg.
  7. I will receive it on Tuesday and will post the pic. It is black leather bracelet with palladium and silver hardware.
  8. My VCA YG MOP single motif Vintage Alhambra clover necklace. :smile:
  9. Please post pics of your collection please! If I recall you have some great Tiffany stuff too!
  10. My 1ct diamond stud earrings for 1k, I smile whenever I put mine on. It was my first piece I invested in, I feel proud I put my bag/shoe money into it.
  11. It is a bit later but here is my new bracelet.

  12. That would be my Rolex! followed by Chanel J12 Diamond Heart Edition and Cartier YG Love Bracelet =)
  13. Cartier rg 4 diamond love bracelet. I was coveting it for a year until I got it, absolutely worth it. I'm also very glad I went for the 4 diamond and not plain because I think this will be my one and only love.
  14. Stunning!!!! Looks great on you!