Most expensive meal?

  1. Hubby and I dine out every Friday for our special date night and we usually go to pretty nice places. I have never been thrown for a loop when the bill arrived, usually I don't even notice it. But, we recently ate at Del Friscos in Charlotte and our food bill alone was $300. We shared a salad and mushrooms, hubby had a porterhouse and I had a lobster tail (20oz for $120!!) we also had dessert. Our bar bill was $45 for 1 martini, 1 glass of wine, a ginger ale and tip.

    I think this was our most expensive meal, with valet and tip it was over $400...the food was fine, but not the best I've had.

    I don't think we have ever spent more than $200/person at another restaurant anywhere including NYC or internationally.

    What's your most expensive meal?
  2. Alcohol will always put your bill through the roof, lol. Luckily SO and I aren't big drinkers

    I believe our highest bill w/tip was around $300, and that was at Upstream in Charlotte. The whole night was around $350 total after we visited Tutti Mondo, a lounge of sorts, for drinks. First and only time, hah that place is too loud.

    We'll do really nice nights out to various restaurants in Charlotte on two Fridays each month (like Dolce, Fiamma, Dakota's, etc.). We reserve places like Upstream and such for our anniversary; after all, we're both still in college, lol

    I've never even heard of Del Friscos in Charlotte until now!
  3. My husband and I recently had a celebratory meal (he received a promotion at work) where we treated ourselves to a Kobe steak dinner. This was a restaurant that served actual Japanese wagyu Kobe (unlike American and Australian Kobe found in most US restaurants) - a 5 oz ribeye was $195! The steak was probably all of five full bites but it was ooooh so delicious and lived up to the hype. We shared that along with a prime rib (at $50 it seemed like a steal) and a bottle of wine and dessert. Our bill for two was almost $500. It was a great meal, so I can *almost* say it was worth it!
  4. Just the 2 of us, Paris in March, both renowed restaurants, no alcohol, with tip. Over $600.00 for LUNCH! We actually did this twice that trip. Most outrageous priced items - a salad, it was small like a side salad - $78.00!!!! All common sense leaves us when we are on vacation!
  5. Paying out of pocket: Per Se dinner for two (me and fiance) with moderately priced wine, around $800. We also went to dinner with another couple at Le Cirque (NYC) recently. Our friend ordered two bottles of wine around $800 each. Dinner was around $2,500. I was happy that they picked up the tab.

    Someone else paying: Chef's table for 8 at Gordon Ramsey New York, with 5 bottles of wine (including one bottle that was $9K). Total damage: $28K. I cannot comment on the quality of this meal since I was not there, it was just fiance and his business associates. Even months later, I am still shocked by its decadence... thought I'd mention it here. It was brought to our attention that their meal appeared in Bankers' Ball, Of course, no one was available for commenting so the facts got twisted. LOL.
  6. Tru in Chicago was the most expensive meal I've ever had, and also the best and most interesting. The bill for food alone came to about $300 (it was several courses)... then of course we had alcohol!! Fabulous service, beautiful atmosphere and incredible food. They even packed banana bread for us to have for breakfast the next morning.
  7. Nobu in Las vegas. $1400 tab including tips for 4. We didn't even get dessert!
  8. How was Per Se?? I want to go there. I have heard its really good.
  9. Alain Ducasse at Essex House, about $1000 with tip for two. We had the tasting menu though.
  10. Holy cow. These are some expensive meals. I'm not even sure Chicago has restaurants where, without alcohol/tip, the bill would be more than $500 for two.
  11. Per Se was OKAY for that type of meal. It was "impressive" (they bring you a bench for your bag to sit on and we had an assortment of 12 table salts, including one salvaged from an ancient volcano) but I wasn't blown away by the food.

    I prefer the tasting menus at Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, and Bouley to Per Se's. Dollar for dollar, Bouley's lunch tasting is the best.
  12. I would feel cheap here, but St.Louis is less expensive than most other cities-our meal was near top dollar for around here: about $150. But it was fabulous, decadent, and French.
  13. I'm a person who really likes ghetto I'm not really big on the fancy shaaaanacny violin 2 inch piece of steak places.

    The only last expensive meal I thought was expensive..was chinese food for 2. We only ordered 3 items and the bill came out to be approx $50. It was an Islamic Chinese restaurant and all of the food was halaal.

    Whew. I never paid that much for chinese food before.


  14. Thats all I need to know to justify cost :roflmfao: :tup:
  15. I would be REALLY unimpressed by the salt. I don't like to put any one my food! :roflmfao: