Most expensive mani/pedi

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  1. Ok, I'm not usually a complete idiot. I've been having a very bad year, the worse part being my son is very sick and I will be living in NY till he recovers. So far I've not been very lucky, and I'm a Jersey girl who has been to the city lots, like just to take a yoga class. Somehow I've managed to get run over by a cab(not funny, seriously hurt, but do hope to laugh about someday). I get gel nails, very short French, at home mainly due to peeling nails. I pay $80 inc tip and they last 3 weeks. Yesterday I went to a nail salon recommend for being clean. I was going to have gels removed, girl talked me into fill and halfway thru said I needed all new ones, I said ok and figured they'd be a little more than home. I can hardly type how much I paid, and how many different forms of payment I used so DH wouldn't have a heart attack...$200. I think it was $180something and I didn't care about appearing cheap(tip)I wasn't going over $200. The place was a grade above the usual corner place, but was not NY posh. The price list was on the wall, behind counter, small. They also did my nails in a very funny way using gels, but then regular polish. I even told them I lived in the area, so they would think i was looking for new nail salon. There was nothing I could do but pay, I just hope they last! What's the most you've paid and what would you have done?
  2. I wonder if it's that new type of gels they used on you. There was a more expensive one I read about a while back but that's only me remembering something I've read before. I always do my own nails. I only got it done twice for someone else's weddings I was part of.
  3. I can only hope and that it lasts for a very long time!
  4. every one ive ever had has been the most expensive because my wife did them

  5. $200?!?!!? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez
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    we have a house in CT and my wife has a salon there as well.......$200 is even high for NYC where everything costs

    in the city i can see $125 even $150 at a top of the line place....but unless its an exclusive place that caters to celebs......$200 is crazy

    also wife is from and still has family in NJ.....where are you from in NJ?
  7. 5 minutes from Short Hills Mall(that's always the best point of reference!). I feel so ripped off!!!!!
  8. I hope that this was a top-of-the-line manicure that will last forever, lol!

    Gosh, I'm so sorry you had to pay so much
  9. oh ok

    shes from hunterdon county......bloomsbury

    shes got family in basking ridge and somerville now

    not too far from your neck of the woods
  10. wow that's crazy... gel nails in my area are only $45 lol
  11. Nononono lol. So not lol. What would you guys have done? I can tell you one little imperfection by next week and I am so back there!
  12. That's crazy! I think last time I had gel's I paid $35-$40.
  13. at my wifes place you will pay $45
  14. Ok, where's your wife's shop so we can go when in CT???
  15. stratford, ct......and another one in fl.....where we spend more of our time

    do you get out by us much?