Most Expensive LV item?

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  1. What is your most expensive Louis Vuitton item that you've bought?

    For me it was my special ordered Multicolored suitcase based upon the Alzer 60. I bought it when I was living in London for 4740 Pounds which is about US$9000. Completely worth it though! :love:
  2. Wow. Who's going to follow a nine grand purchase? Not me.
  3. LVAngel: Do you have a pic of the MC piece?
  4. I'd love to see a pic of your MC suitcase :yes:
  5. I do. How do I put them on here though? I'm hopeless at that.
  6. Lol yeah definitely not most expensive was my Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune which was around $3600 not including tax.

    And I'd love to see pics of the Alzer!
  7. ok i'll be embarassed for a bit..

    my belem pm..
  8. You can upload them to and copy and paste the links that start with [​IMG]

  10. don't be!! There is nothing to be embarassed about!

    For me it is my Suhali L'Epanoui PM ($2280 USD at the time when I purchased it in 2005).
  11. Hmm..I think photobucket will resize your pics for you.
  12. I can probably get some pics on here of my Monogram Canvas Alzer. My multicolor won't upload...??
  13. The MC pic won't load? Try taking the pic again! :idea:
  14. You can also try sure your picture is in the .jpg format otherwise it won't work.
  15. I want to see the MC one! I love love love MC!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.