Most expensive kind of leather

  1. Hello ladies & gents:

    What is the most expensive leather (in general) as I have been told either the porosus crocodille or galuchat (shargreen sting ray), any ideas?
  2. I'm pretty sure it depends on supply and demand. If you arranged an expedition to go somewhere deep into a jungle to obtain the skin of an endangered and hard to find animal, then that would most definitely be quite an expensive bag out of it.

    As for what the bottom line cost of producing one type of leather, I do not have enough knowledge in that field to give an even remotely correct answer. Depends on how many years it takes to grow an animal of a certain size, how easily it is to obtain a skin of a certain size and quailty, what goes into the tanning process and finally how difficult it is to manipulate the leather into useful objects.

    From hermes standard selection of leathers (most of which are farmed) I believe porosus crocodile is the most expensive one, however there are also other variations that are being made in far more "exotic",meaning less common when it comes to bags, materials like the peacock feathered one.
  3. yes porosus croc in the kept or exotic list that hermes will allways offer i know for sure that the most expensive bag to date not counting croc and diamonds is the zebra and leather birkin a special edition only offered to vvvvips like the one on elle mcphereson or any bag that might have an insersion of a leather that hermes does not keep in stock anyway this is what i know but porosus for all us mortals
  4. Odd but the thought of Zebra does disturb me
    Yet croc does not
  5. I had the same feeling!
  6. Is it the stripes or the fur? :graucho:
  7. it is not real zebra but calf /pony skin much like on the troika bags and it is not that expensive
    most expensive is porosus matte for non vips nowadays and then the posorus pearlized, and embroidered ,painted etc bags for vip clients
  8. I agree with you ardneish, but I can't fathom my reasoning behind my thoughts either
  9. Cos crocs are gnarly, scary things with big teeth, while zebras are cute! ;)
  10. Thanks for the info - How do you ladies feel about the zebra printed bags though? Personally I don't feel it's very Hermes-like (more DG or Cavalli).
    I wonder if I could get Hermes to make me a birking out of galuchat if I were a VVVVip...?:p
  11. Yes I so agree more DG,

    But Elle does seem to like animal prints

    I think with the Zebra its because there prey to so many things, where as the croc seems to only have man as a major predator, and visa v.

    Also croc is farmed and to my knowledge Zebra is still a wild animal except for ZOO etc. good to know Lilach thanks for the info

    Same as the " Big Chicken" Ostrich is farmed plus the fact they spit at you :biggrin:
  12. For me, Zebra's are biologically more advanced: they are capable of more complex thought. Croc's may not even be entirely self-aware. (Trust me- I've done the research).