Most Expensive Gift Anyone Has Ever Given You?

  1. What is the most expensive gift anyone has ever given you? How did it make you feel? Did you accept?

    Mine was my college education (4 years private college) from my parents. When I think about it, sometimes I think maybe I should have gone into investment banking to "pay" them back! :sweatdrop:
  2. My engagement ring. I DEFINATELY accepted it! LOL And it made me feel GOOD! LOL
  3. A house from a fiance' who I dated for 10 years. I was very taken aback. did not want to accept but he insisted....I was extemely grateful and very excited...I eventually married him.....
  4. a $35,000 2004 Toyota 4Runner from my parents when i graduated high school. and i could not love that thing more! it's like my second apartment.
  5. The 4 year college education that my parents gave me, plus the extra year of school I am doing for my parelegal certification

    my horse

    and my engagement ring:smile:
  6. A diamond ring.
  7. My engagement ring! Yes, I accepted and I love him and my ring!
  8. Toss up between my education and my purebred yorkie.
  9. my wedding/honeymoon (from my parents)

    my wedding set (from my husband)
  10. my education, but my car is a close second
  11. My diamond ring from my husband. Or my 4 years in college. They cost about the same! :P
  12. 4 years private uni from parents..

    mini cooper Sworks from parents

    but then again my parents i will be in debt to for eternity...
  13. My overseas university education paid by my mom. :crybaby:
  14. My university course fee definitely... Secondly will be a diamond ring from my bf. ^^
  15. My college education from parents and grandparents.

    My 2006 Scion xb from grandparents-it was a college graduation gift