Most Expensive Day Ever!

  1. Yesterday was the most expensive day ever. Hah. I will not have another shopping spree like this until I am done with grad school.

    My Antigua Cabas MM and Framboise Ludlow came from elux yesterday! I'm glad I went with the MM instead of the PM, it is such a handy size. And the Framboise is to die for! I compared it to my fuschia in case anyone is interested ... I think I am in the minority, but I think I like the framboise more. :amuse:

    I also happened to go to the mall and the Coach event yesterday, the last picture shows all of my purchases. More photos of the Coach are in the Coach forum.

    I want to get my luggage tag heatstamped! I'm going to try to go check it out tomorrow, but I leave for vacation on Sunday, so if they can't do it right away I'll have to come back. I have to go out to Wellington tomorrow and I heard something about a LV opening out there, any truth to that? I can't remember where I read/heard it. :rolleyes: It would be quite handy so I don't have to go in two directions.

    I LOVE my new things though!
    yfdb1.jpg yfdb2.jpg yfdb3.jpg yfdb8.jpg yfdb6.jpg yfdb7.jpg yfdb5.jpg
  2. WOW>...good for you!!! Enjoy all your lovely treasures!
  3. Awesome!
  4. I'm loving the antigua cabas ! What a spree ! ;)
  5. I love all of your new stuff!! You have great taste. I agree I like the framboise better than fuschia too!
  6. Antigua Cabas is cute!!
  7. anotheremptysky, congrats on all the stuff you got! AWESOME!!! congrats!!!! weee heee, new stuff!
  8. The framboise purse looks so cute! enjoy it!
  9. Love it Love it
  10. You look truly, genuinely happy in that picture :yes: ! Congratulations!!! The apple coin purse is so cute :heart: !
  11. Congrats and Enjoy your new goodies.
    I love framboise too ;)
  12. yay! congrats!
  13. you are so sweet.
    great purchases!
  14. awesome purchases! the bag looks great on you!
  15. Congrats! They're lovely!