Most Expensive Day Ever! part 2

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  1. Yesterday was the most expensive day ever. Hah. I will not have another shopping spree like this until I am done with grad school. My LV shippment from elux came yesterday AND I went to the Coach event!

    They were out of the fish coin purses so I went with the apple -- fitting, since I'm in the education field. :yes: Basically I got it for free since the 25% off saved me $111! Yay. The yellow is such a fun summer color too.
    yfdb4.jpg yfdb9.jpg
  2. Luv that yellow! Makes me happy looking at the bag!!
  3. you have the coin purse I want! hehe! Don't you just love it? It's so cute! Love the bag too, congrats on your purchases!
  4. I love the yellow! It looks good on you!
  5. the bag looks s:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh: nice on you anotheremptysky.. the color is happy :biggrin: awwww and the cute apple :love: I never saw the fish one.. but i can see this one is great for summer :cool:
  6. It's beautiful, I have the exact one in khaki & I love it..enjoy!
  7. Aww, you look soo happy with it!

    Im jealous.
  8. Love that bag, I have been eyeing it
  9. Cute!
  10. Love the yellow! And the little apple is the cutest thing! Can you fit CC's in there?
  11. Yeah, I have all my change in there and about 6 gift cards in there with extra room! :yes:
  12. Your loot is adorable. I am soooooooooo scared of trying white leather, even in trim.
  13. I love the yellow!
  14. cute!! The apple is adorable!!
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