Most Expensive Country to buy LV?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, which country is the most expensive to buy LV? Does anyone know the order of all the countries with LV established?
  2. I would say that UAE (Dubai) would be up there as expensive. LV prices are minimum a quarter to a third higher than Europe :nogood:.

    I've also heard the Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, HK, Singapore) are expensive. I'm sure someone will say either way.
  3. The cheapest one is France ;) Thats what all the SAs says at least :/
  4. In Russia LV is also very expensive :sad:
    I think in Russia LV even is more expensive than in UAE (Dubai) :crybaby:
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  5. australia?
  6. Does anyone have some relative figures or comparison prices?
  7. I asked LV not long ago about the prices of these bags in Australia:

    Monogram Speedy 25: $910AU
    Monogram Speedy 30 $940AU
    Hampstead MM damier azur: $1770AU

    Anyone know if these bags are cheaper/more expensive elsewhere? :thinking:

    I've been told that the Brea MM bag is $68000TW (which is about $2428AU).. not sure how much it is in aus ><
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  8. Has anyone ever shopped in the LV boutiques in Prague, Vienna, or Budapest? Am thinking I'd like a "souvenir" when traveling through Central Europe.
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    I can give some examples about Russian high prices:

    I bought Monogram Eclipse Alma. In Russia the price was 86 500 rub, if to convert it into euro - it will be 2120 euro. In France the price for this bag was 1600 euro (as far as I remember). The difference is about 520 euro!

    If to compare prices in Russia and in the USA - there is a big difference:

    Monogram Canvas Eva Clutch
    In the US the price is 550 US dollars (according to
    In Russia the price is 19900 rub - if to convert it into US dollars it will be 663 US dollars. The difference is 113 US dollars!

    Alma Epi Leather
    In the US the price is 1310 US dollars (according to
    In Russia the price is 47000 rub - if to convert it into US dollars it will be 1567 US dollars. The difference is 257 US dollars!

    Mahina L
    In the US the price is 2800 US dollars (according to
    In Russia I paid for this bag 102000 rub - if to convert it into US dollars it will be 3400 US dollars. The difference is 600 US dollars!

    The prices in Russia for LV products are extremely high :crybaby:
  10. When I was in Australia I felt like they were really expensive...but then again everything over there was expensive!
  11. ^^My gosh, that's crazy!
  12. Just off the top of my head, I would have to think JAPAN. I heard a statistic that 90% of all women in Japan have some sort of Louis Vuitton bag. I heard this from Fashion Television but I don't really know how much of this is true. I know the demand for LV is very high in Japan in general. So my first thought would be Japan.
  13. I have recently been to Germany and it is definitely more expensive than in the UK.
  14. ok does anyone know if denmark or sweden is cheaper to buy LV than Us ? Ill be there in 2-3 weeks??
  15. In general living expense in Sweden is more expensive than in the rest of Europe.

    If you are a visitor from outside EU, you can claim VAT free. This will be around 17.5%.