Most expensive bag

  1. Sorry if I'm being too nosey here.. but..

    What is the most expensive bag you own? Do you love it? Do you carry it everyday, or do you regret buying it?

    Me personally I don't own any LV bags yet, but I was curious to others..
  2. there's allready similar threads that answer you'r question try doing a search...:smile:
  3. Ok SORRY. Thanks- just bored at work. :smile:
  4. ^^^no problem I'll try searching one for you...
  5. thanks so much. i came up with nothing =[
  6. Well, I'll go ahead and answer your question. My most expensive LV is my denim patchwork speedy in was $2000 something. Yes, I absolutely love this bag and will never part with it. I'm a big denim lover!
  7. I'll answer too...

    My most expensive is my Black Neo Cabby GM which was $1700, and while I was a bit leery about paying that much for a denim bag, I don't regret it one bit. I absolutely love it. I've use it almost every day since I got it.
  8. Hmmmm....probly the Damier Saleya pm. But I sold that recently to give way to the Trevi this year:graucho:Ive regretted some of my LV purchases but thats because I bought them on impulse. Ended up not using those bags because they werent practical for my needs. Now Im extra cautious with my purchases. I always make sure they suit my tastes and needs and not just for aesthetics.:tup:
  9. ^smart I need to do the same thing,,,,
  10. Hmmm... so far the most expensive one I own is shown in my avatar: Motard Biker which is 4200$CAD (and came out to 4842$CAD with tax)...

    which makes me wanna rant, cuz the CAD Dollar is just about EQUAL to the US Dollar and their retail price is 4050$US!!! :hysteric: Oh well, the damage has already been done, and I don't regret at all. As for functionality, I used it the first time today and I LIKE how heavy it is. It's nice and spacious.
  11. The Stratus PM In beige.

  12. I've always wanted to see one of these with a patina... do you have any pics?
  13. there is a thread on this already
  14. MC speedy
  15. My black MC speedy, I think it was like $1800+ tax at the time.

    *The boulogne in my picture is worth a little more, but that's actually my mom's lol.. I just added it to my pic for more color =)