most embarassing...

  1. drunk dial/email/text?

    believe me, i will appreciate these tomorrow. :shame: :supacool:
  2. oh you poor thing!! We've all been there, I think. I still remember a couple of occassions....but I'd rather not go into details!
  3. Awwr :shame: I hope everything is ok the next day for you. I admit I've sent and recieved a couple of those and they're so awkward, especially having to wait until you next see the person! (sorry I'm not trying to make it worse, just reminiscing). Just blame it on the drink :P
  4. meh. 'tis harmless...althought i am glad my email is being glitchy. :shame:

    still want to hear your stories though. :flowers: can include inebriated shopping! :biggrin:
  5. I've done it too (ooh,the shame when I think of it:shame: )
    Best advice is to pretend it never happened....if you can! Good luck!
  6. I was at my best friends house for a party one night when she got on AIM. She had my recent ex-bf on there, and decided to IM him, telling him he had a small you know what! I took over and continued the convo (I was still mad at him, I broke up w/ him, but, only b/c it seemed like he wanted to date me and try to date his best friend) and I guess I pissed him off enough that he logged off! I got a nice e-mail from him the next morning, and I decided to pretty much chew him out for assuming it was me when it was someone elses S/N! We never really talked after that, nor did we really talk before that, but, it kinda gives me a piece of mind to have harassed him LOL!
  7. My first year in college I got quite drunk one night... it was early spring so I guess they call it cabin fever up north. We had been trapped inside all winter and spring was here and we were ready to celebrate...

    At 4:30 AM I began to stumble my way home with some friends. I called my parents- my dad answered. I told him "I am at the library studying, aren't you proud?" I FORCED him to put my mom on the phone.. and I told her the same thing. Nevertheless they both knew I was not studying and that was probably one of the moments where they were not so proud-- ha.

    Vlad should have a good story here... when he first liked me he called me about 24 times one night when he was drunk and left singing messages etc- he wanted to come see me but I didn't want him to when he was so drunk. The messages were the funniest thing I have ever heard... somehow he ended up with me for the long haul?!?! :roflmfao:
  8. LOL about the messages from Vlad Megs!!

  9. LMAO! That's hilarious!

    And we have allllll had our drunk dialing moments. I can't really remember mine too much as it was sooo long ago but I had an ex who was such a jerk and had cheated on me etc... Well, I finally dumped him, went out and called him while I was with his best friend! [no we weren't having sex (I know there are gutter brains here!) but I made sure he heard his friend telling me how beautiful I was] OMG That was pretty bad.