Most elegant sunglasses?

  1. What's your recommendation for the most elegant, sophisticated sunglasses? I'm thinking something that Grace Kelly would wear if she were alive today... Please post pics / links if you have them. Thanks!
  2. Oliver Peeples makes really chic, luxurious eyewear. Totally glam without logos, rhinestones, etc.
  3. Re: What style of eyeglasses should I get?
    perhaps raybans? i love the classic aviators and wayfarers...or you can also go to Urban Outfitters for a cheap pair of these....for high-end sunglasses, i really love Oliver Peoples - IMHO, the quality of their frames and lenses (japanese) is way above Gucci/Chanel/Prada...and that's not to say that I don't enjoy my Gucci wraparounds but there's no going wrong with OP...
    here's a pic of Kate Moss wearing her OPs.

    karmita ;)

    now i see that you specifically asked about "reading glasses" and here i'm going on a rampage about OP sunglasses. okay, so now i must say that my brother wears OP reading glasses but i haven't seen their collection for women. As a member above mentioned, i'd recc. Alain Mikli.
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  4. Thanks, I like the pictures I have seen online of OP Aero's, so I am going to check those out in person. It's amazing how one comes here to learn more about purses, and then discovers all kinds of other things to buy, too. ;) At least we are all helping each other to find the best. :smile:

    Do OP sunglasses ever go on sale?
  5. TOM FORD!,he has some beautiful frames,Le lovley Angelina Jolie rocks em,they are very classy &chic
  6. chanel
  7. I like olivers People too. Chic and cool shades
  8. Oh I forgot to answer: Chanel but waiting to see what OPs are like and like the new Tom ford collection as well
  9. I'm loving this pair by Bulgari:love: !! So retro and bling bling...
  10. Tom Ford
  11. Tom Ford makes some elegant shades that are classic with a modern update. My favorite is the Whitney!
  12. Prada Definitely Prada
  13. I bought these last year. They are Oliver Peoples Tara sunglasses.


    I chose them because the colour, shape and size suited me. I think thats the best way to chose Classic glasses, by what suits you best.
  14. I think Chanel sunglasses are the epitome of classiness.