Most durable--what leather?

  1. I'm a birkin wanna be owner. Someday I'll be ready--maybe a year or so. However, I"ll likely only own one--ever. Needless to say, I need a leather that lasts. I've reviewed the posts and the leather guide. The Togo seems like a good choice, but this cannot be refurbished?? If that's the case, is the box better?

    I'll be travelling soon and will have an opportunity to visit a Hermes boutique and want to check out the leathers--but I would like to have one in mind when I go in.

    In your experience, what is the best leather for durability? Must stand up to rain and snow, and ideally be scratch resistant. Ideally, would also like it to not be too heavy.

    Thank you!
  2. Well, Fjord is your best bet for rain and snow and it's the most durable, but it's also the most heavy.

    I'd stick with Togo or Clemence and they can be refurbished and "spruced up" by Hermes
  3. I suggest togo, clemence or chevre!!! They're scratch resistant and can stand different weathers!

    If you want a sturdier Birkin, then chevre! For more slouch effect togo/clemence ... the latter slouching more.
  4. I'm a wanna be Birkin owner too (in 2008 I hope lol). I am hoping to get Togo or Clemence. The Clemence Evelyne I have is very very durable and scratch resistant. :flowers:
  5. Clemence. Togo. Fjord. It's incredible what these leathers can withstand.
  6. Togo and Clemence become very supple over time and the bag can get a collapsed look. Some people like this while others prefer a bag that holds its shape.
  7. Chevre, Clemence, Togo, Fjord hold up very well!
  8. please 24, Faubourg, tell us more about fjord

    (i feel like a little girl being told a fairytale before bed - this information always quenches a very hungry little thirst i have, and makes me feel cozy, so i can cuddle up with my big dreams...)
  9. I believe that the grain in Fjord is pressed into the leather rather than caused in the tanning process. Maybe someone else can chime in on this.
    I personally prefer a natural grain.
  10. ^^^^^Fjord is a natural grained leather.
  11. What about Ardennes? It is natural or pressed. I get Fjord and Ardennes confused.
  12. thank you. i went from :s to :hrmm: to :biggrin:
  13. Fjord is adult bull, so the "adult" version of Clemence (baby bull)
    I believe Ardennes is a lightly textured calf leather

    Apparently, the skins vary from male to female cows :smile:
  14. sooooooo interesting. okay, one more greentea where does togo fit in? male or female?

  15. This is true. The girls (cows) have slightly larger grain to their skins, and the boys (bulls) have a smaller, tighter grain. The reason for this is that the cows grow larger, faster, for child-bearing (or calf-bearing, as the case may be!). The males grow at a slower, more consistant rate, hence slightly smaller, more regular graining.

    Even in the bovine world, female skin suffers for babies.......:P