most durable to least lvprint for esp. the keyholder?

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  1. what is the succession of most durable to least. I would think epi is the most durable but i've seen it get knicked and stuff. I'm looking for a keyholder that won't look super bad after several months of hardcore use. I really want white MC or amarante vernis (altho i already have a little something in amarante) If anyone has comments specifically for those two items please give me your suggestions on which is the best!

    I'm goes...
    epi (leather)
    black MC
    azur (b/c of color and potential penmarks)
    white MC (same as above)
    vernis (b/c the patent?)

  2. Damier (both Ebene and Azur), Mono and Epi are the most durable. MC has a tendency to chip since the pattern is screen-printed on. And Vernis is actually very durable despite it's fragile's best that you stick to a darker color though like Amarante. You'd be ok no matter which one you decide to go with IMO, LV is great quality and can withstand the daily use.
  3. I would think Damier is most durable, because my friend has a mono cles and wallet, and now we can hardly see the prints! from an arm's length it looks like a plain brown wallet.
    So is my mono speedy, who is 5yrs old this year. the monograms are fading on her.
  4. The same problem occurs with damier and monogram toile, and basically all coated canvas materials that have printings (cerises, cherry blossom, bell boy, maybe also degrade). If you want lasting LV monogrmas you'd have to get an embossed leather like vernis. They'll never fade.
  5. I have it in pomme it is holding up really really well no scratches or any other problems the vernis is not as fragile as people think,
  6. Hmmmm.....the more I read the more I think I should get one.
  7. probably damier or mono...
  8. i own the Vernis Keyholder in Marshmallow so shes pretty light. I clean her regularly, but its the stiching that takes the beating. Its really hard to clean and picks up dirt soooo easily. I would say go for mono or damier, the lights colours are a nightmare. However she dosn't have any knicks, and i treat her awfully :shame:
  9. Good to know vernis is so durable too!
  10. nice! i was rooting for MC b/c i haven't had anything MC yet. But amarante is tdf and looking pretty appealing with that mentioned durability...