Most durable purse organizer for delightful mm?

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  1. Recommendations needed. :smile:
  2. Samorga
  3. I have Samorgas, they are really nice. I also have Zoomonis. I will go with Zoomoni from now on. They are identical to Samorga, the price is a bit better, much faster shipping. Zoomoni always includes a really sweet thank you card with your order. I think it’s a really nice touch.
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  4. That’s one thing that turned me off about the Samorga organizers is the shipping. Thanks for suggesting an alternative:smile:
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  5. My last Samorga took almost 8 weeks to arrive. The Zoomoni less than 3. They both shipped from Korea to me in the US. The quality is identical. Like I mentioned earlier, Zoomoni includes a really sweet card. They will also send a really nice email letting you know your order was delivered. They have the personal touch that shows they appreciate their customers.
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